Staying warm without going broke

It may be hard to admit, but your mother was right: if you’re cold, put on a sweater. It’s certainly tempting to crank the thermostat up to keep warm, but you’re likely to change your tune when the heating bills begin pouring in. A few extra degrees of warmth each day can also increase your monthly utility costs by up to 10%. It’s time to share a few tips for staying warm without breaking your bank. Trust me, I’m all about keeping snug as a bug at home. I just like doing so without going broke!

staying warm without going broke

Staying warm without going broke is possible with small changes

Although I’m a fan of cranking up the thermostat ONCE IN A WHILE to keep the house toasty and cozy, these tips for staying warm without going broke will help in keeping toasty toes happy in your home.

Utilize space heaters

Space heaters are great for helping lower the cost of your heating bill, and staying warm. If you’re like most people, you’ve got one area around the house where you spend most of your time. Whether that’s your bedroom, the den, or the living room, consider shutting vents to other rooms in the home, turning down the heat, and operating a space heater in the space you occupy. Doing so will make the room toasty warm and cut down on how much you pay for heat. You can make the chilly dash to and from a warm room less jarring by wearing layers to keep your body warm while in transition.

Snuggle under extra blankets

An extra blanket on your bed can make all the difference in the world, keeping you warm without having to run your heat on full blast until the spring thaw. It’s wise to turn your heat down at night, which will naturally make your house chillier. Cozy down under a blanket whether bedding down for the evening or relaxing in front of the television, and stay toasty while saving your precious pennies. Consider sleeping atop an electric blanket. It’s a fantastic way to stay warm at night, because the controls are adjustable.

Bake a little something

Winter brings the chance to make all kinds of treats, from hearty soups to holiday-themed cookies. You can keep the temperature up in the kitchen by baking, especially if you’re keeping certain rooms in the house chillier. Use the heat from the oven to keep you going while making dinner or a snack. You can also use the opportunity to host a baking party, knowing that you’ll stay extra warm and toasty if you’re sharing space with other cooks. Bustling around while you make a meal or clean up afterwards will probably even make you break a little bit of a sweat.

Keep your heating bill low during the winter months so you can spend the savings on presents and holiday prep. Without much effort, your heating costs can skyrocket, making it difficult to welcome the holidays while also staying on top of bills. Keep your utility costs low and give yourself the chance to act on holiday sales and party prep without going broke.

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