Happy Holidays 2014

In our home, we celebrate Christmas. I know many different holidays happen all through this holiday season, but for our family it’s Christmas. Our family wishes all you a Happy Holiday Season, and wishes for a magical New Year!

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Just as a side note, because I love to share the things that I love: Our card was created on Tiny Prints. It’s so cute, isn’t it? I adjusted it for the internet, since we don’t normally send out cards that say The Sunflowers on it. However, we all know I don’t use the kids’ names here on the internet. However, the card came out fabulous! Did you know I’m an affiliate of Tiny Prints? Yeah, if you use my affiliate link to order at Tiny Prints, I earn a commission. It doesn’t cost anything extra for you to use my link, but it is a great way to support my small business, also known as NovemberSunflower.com. Thanks for all of your support throughout the year, and here’s to making 2015 even better!

Of course, if you’re considering cards for the New Year holiday, because getting them out before the December holidays is too much for you, definitely consider using my Tiny Prints affiliate link to make your card purchase. Heck, you can use my links EVERY time you want to order from Tiny Prints. I won’t mind! I’d love the support of my small business, that’s for sure.

Oh, before I forget, the card has a back design, too. Check it out, so cute!

happy holidays 2014 #happyholidays #merrychristmas #tinyprints


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