Happy Mother’s Day

It’s important to take a moment away from the mom’s day gifts, and say Happy Mother’s Day to my readers, followers and EVERY Mom out there.

Happy Mother's Day


Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there

In honor of this beautiful holiday, I wanted to write a bit about my mom as a bit of a tribute. Yes, I’m a mother. Maybe one day my children will do this same thing for me! However, that’s a long way off, and for now, I’m happy sharing a bit about my Mom. It’s because of her I am who I am. No kidding, no jokes: without having such a fantastic Mom, I’d never have developed into the person I am today! My hope of all hopes: for my kids to feel this way about me when they’re in their 30’s (and no, I’m not giving my actual age away, since I don’t even believe I am the age that I am.)

Mom, oh mom

My Mom. She’s one of the most giving human beings in this world. She truly has given the shirt off of her back when needed. She loves all us three kids, all of our mates and all of our kids (even when they’re not so lovable during those tantrums.) My mother’s Mom was a World War II Bride. Nana fell for Papa whiles he was stationed in Sydney, Australia.

They met, fell in love, married and off she went to America (that’s what Aussies call the states, at least my family over there does) with her Italian husband. Once in The States, they decided to start a family. Enter my Mom. She’s the oldest of their 3 children. She grew up on Long Island (moved there when she was very young from Queens.)

Mom’s creative. She’s an artist. Her passions: drawing, painting, pen & ink. Artwork fills my childhood home. Being surrounded by all of her art must have sparked my own creative outlet. I’m not good with art. Honestly, it’s not that I can’t draw. I never had a true interest in it. However, I do have an eye for design, which is why I do a lot of graphic design, website design, and other visual media awesomeness. Even though I’ve created many beautiful things for others, it’s not my talent, or my passion.

Not a pusher

Considering mom’s background, and degree, in art, she never pushed me into it. Luckily, my older siblings happened to fall in love with art. Let’s face it, many Moms out there push their children to be good at what they are good at. Not my Mom. She let me figure it out all on my own. Bringing home bad grades in art didn’t upset mom. Instead, she let me figure out what my creative outlet was all on my own. It took me a while, but I found it in writing.

She got an artist out of my brother, who actually took it to the professional world and is in advertising. As for my sister, she can paint and draw, as well . However, she didn’t make it her career. Her career path went more towards math, and organizing things. It’s clear, mom’s not a pusher. However, she’s the reason I found my true passion: writing. Big thanks and shoutout to mom, for this.

Raising a woman

Having a girl of my own, I’ve realized it’s not easy raising a girl. Mom taught me a lot about being secure in who I am. I’m not quite sure how she did it. I ask her how she did it, and she has no clue, either. Looking back, I think it’s because she always let me be me.

  • didn’t make me change to conform
  • let me express myself
  • never made me feel bad about being so heavy when I was a teenager
  • she never said “lose weight”
  • let me figure out what I needed, when I needed it

I guess she knew if she said something, I would, more than likely, do the opposite. Perhaps the real reason I’m able to be me, and never care about what others think about me, is knowing my Mom always loves me. Unconditionally.

Does she agree with everything I do? Hell no. However, she loves me, mistakes and all!

Everyone loves my Mom. Is she perfect, nope. None of us are. It’s just the simple facts: she’s warm, kind, gives her love, along with her friendship, unconditionally. Plus she’s always honest. She’s far better at giving the honesty with kindness, than I.

There are so many great things about my Mom, a book can’t even fit everything into it. For today, I wanted to share a little piece of why I love Mother’s Day (even if she’s going to be traveling on a vacation on Mom’s Day this year) and I am so thankful for the Mom I have.

Thanks Mom for all that you do; the person you are; and, the love you give all of us so freely. You are the World’s Greatest Mom!

If you have a Mom that you love, share your story!

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