Happy Thanksgiving from the Sunflowers

happy thanksgiving #happythanksgiving #holidays2014Thanksgiving. I remember when I was younger, everyone had to get all their Thanksgiving supplies before the holiday, because no stores were open on Thanksgiving. We all survived having stores closed, because we all headed out to be with loved ones. Now?  Stores are opening up earlier, and earlier on Thanksgiving Day.

I’m not sure how you all feel about this turn of events, but for me, it’s sad to see. There’s just no reason for it. People can save money all through the year, and stores choose to open up and offer crazy deals that they could easily offer on a different day.

I choose not to shop in-stores, or online, on Thanksgiving. Yes, I love to save money, but on Thanksgiving I want to be around my family. The family that includes the two little sunflowers above. When I was kid, traditions for the holidays meant being with family, sharing a meal around the table with aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents. Stories told about “the old days.” Funny stories about when my parents were kids, and how they spent their holidays. Stories about family history, and learning about where we all came from.

I don’t want my kids’ memories of  our Thanksgiving traditions to be “remember when mommy always ran out after dinner and shopped for gifts for everyone for Christmas? And we had dessert without her, and when she came back she was completely stressed out, and frazzled after dealing with all the other shoppers who clawed at each other to get some material item? Yeah, those were great times!”

I long for all the stores to be closed on Thanksgiving, and for stores to offer the deals on a different day….open early, if they want, on some obscure day that isn’t a holiday. It’s my Thanksgiving wish for the future generations.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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