Have hyper kids? 5 healthy ways to work out their energy

Have hyper kids? Anyone interacting with kids on a regular basis knows they’re full of energy. This energy can be harnessed in a positive direction, or it can go left unchecked. Energetic kids without a healthy outlet can quickly translate into hyper kids looking for trouble.

Have hyper kids? 5 healthy ways to work out their energy

Have hyper kids? Harness their energy for the greater good of your sanity

Fortunately, there are many healthy ways to help if you have hyper kids, and want to work out some of their excess energy.

Get Outside

One of the best ways for kids to burn off energy: getting outside, and breathing fresh air. Once outside, they can:

  • go for a run
  • take a walk
  • head out on a hike
  • swim
  • play on a playground
  • jump on a trampoline
  • play catch
  • jump rope
  • sled
  • ski
  • roller blade
  • skateboard
  • ride a bike
  • or anything else they can imagine

If your kid enjoys running, consider signing up for a “run for a cause.” This gives kids something to train for, as well as, look forward to. Kids may also enjoy gardening, or even creating a nature collection of some sort.

Find a Sport

Sports, both individual and team, are a great way for hyper kids to burn off a bit of their energy. Many schools, local community centers, and sports complexes offer activities such as:

  • soccer
  • dance
  • gymnastics
  • basketball
  • swimming
  • volleyball
  • martial arts
  • wrestling
  • cheer leading
  • flag football
  • tennis

Many of the above are offered year-round. Swim school tends to be very popular with young ones. Chances are, if you look around, you’ll find something to suit your kid, as well as your schedule. Make sure to take your kid’s personality into account when trying to find a sport that will best suit them.

Get a Job

If your hyper kid is old enough, a job is a fabulous, as well as lucrative, way to work out some energy. Whether working at the local pizza place, or mowing lawns, encourage your active kid to put their excess energy to good use.

If you have younger kids, give them some chores. They can help with jobs, such as:

  • running the laundry upstairs
  • raking leaves
  • washing the dishes
  • taking out the trash
  • vacuuming.

Helping around the house makes kids feel valued, and could make your life a little easier, too.

Be Creative

Excessive physical activity is often not possible, nor enjoyable. Occupying the mind helps work out excess energy in hyper kids as well. Depending on the interests of your individual kid, consider getting them involved in art classes, music lessons, or board games and puzzles.

If they’re old enough, they may want to join the school’s marching band, chess club, or debate team. Supervised cooking is also a fun activity. They learn skills, practice focusing and following directions, clean up after themselves, and eat their work.

Take a Field Trip

Sometimes we all need to get out of the house, and enjoy a change of scenery. Take advantage of zoos, museums, aquariums, gardens, and parks in your area. Many times these places offer programs geared toward youth making your visit even more rewarding, and fun.

Consider going roller skating, or playing laser tag. Ask other parents in your area for activities they suggest.

Dealing with hyper kids can be challenging, but also fun! You will never be bored. As you plan activities, keep the individual in mind. What works wonderfully for some will simply not be enjoyed by others. It may take some trial and error to figure out what is best for your kid.

If you try an activity that doesn’t work, don’t push it. Try something new. Also, keep scheduling in mind. Even high energy kids need down time. Try to schedule activities at a time of day typically good for them, and beware of over-scheduling. Most importantly, have fun figuring out the best activities for the hyper kids in your life!

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