Hersheypark: dedicated to safety, not just fun

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My favorite part of the Hersheypark experience: they’re dedicated to safety, not just fun. As many people know, I have safety issues. I also have control issues, but that’s a totally separate situation. In any event, locking people out of the house is a regular thing with me, because I’m obsessive compulsive about locking doors.

I’m a nut about setting the alarm at the house, and making sure the cameras are always on so I can stay on top of our safety. Any car I drive, I have to set the alarm, I can’t just let it set itself when I leave it. It’s an issue, I admit it. The safety doesn’t stop with the house, or the car. It’s a running theme in my life, and having kids has deepened my safety issues.

Hersheypark is dedicated to safety, not just fun

Hersheypark: dedicated to safety, not just fun

I’m kind of known as “that mom” in my children’s school. I made waves about safety. Thanks to my waves, significant safety measures are in place during morning drop off, as well as afternoon pick up. I didn’t stop there, though. I pushed for changes in how nurses at the school handle certain situations. After my son suffered a broken collar bone in his classroom, and the school nurse failed to call me, and my son suffered for six hours with a broken bone, things changed.

When it comes to safety, I insist on change. I fight for change more than I care to admit, and it’s tiring. When I see businesses out there going out of their way to provide a safe experience, not just a fun one, I breathe a little easier. Knowing Hersheypark is in sync with my hunger for the safest environment for my kids, gives me such peace of mind.

Director of Ride Operations

After meeting Director of Ride Operations, Laura Woodburn, on my recent visit to Hersheypark for my Sweet Welcome 2016 weekend, I felt so much more of a bond with Hersheypark. I know it’s the best place for my family to head for a great time, but also a safe one, too. Woodburn is responsible for ride operators, as well as lifeguards, at Hersheypark, and she takes it seriously. Wait, is there a word that is stronger than seriously? If there is, that’s what she is, when it comes to providing an amazing experience at Hersheypark, along with a safe one.

Plenty of certifications

Woodburn is no joke, my friends. She’s got more than 70 Certified Ride Inspectors, who receive continuing education through the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Jeff Ellis and Associates trains her lifeguards. If you’re not familiar with them, they’re the leader in the waterpark industry. When it comes to safety standards, Hersheypark meets them, and then exceeds them. They do their own internal audits, and hire an outside company to run audits, too. Woodburn doesn’t play when it comes to safety.

Beyond the rides, and lifeguards, Hersheypark has 40 emergency medical technicians; 30 maintenance employees trained in rope rescue; 17 qualified fire inspectors; 15 registered nurses; and, two OSHA authorized outreach trainers.

When my family walks into Hersheypark – the water park, or the main park – I know everyone on staff cares about our safety, but they also want us to have fun. Each staff member is friendly, welcoming and helpful. When you walk through the park, or through the hotel, staff members smile, and say hello, and often ask how you’re day is going. Hersheypark may be known as the Sweetest Place on Earth because of their chocolate, but honestly, I believe it’s because the people working there are sweet as hell.

A visit to Hersheypark is well worth the expense:

  • the attention to safety
  • an overall amazing experience for guests
  • chocolate everywhere

I participate in an expenses paid trip courtesy of Hershey Entertainment and Resorts Company. All opinions are 100% my own.

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