Secrets of highly successful Swag Bucks earners: Trusted Surveys

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If you know me, you know I’m not a survey taker. Sure, I’m one of the highly successful Swag Bucks earners in my own right, but I won’t touch Trusted Surveys. The reason? I live in a densely populate area, and I never qualify for the surveys. HOWEVER, many people earn HUGE points with Trusted Surveys, so I’ve got to share it with those of you who can benefit from using it, especially now with the chance to earn 500 Bonus Bucks!

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For Swagbucks members old and new, it’s always great to learn new tips on how to get more Swag Bucks. As someone who wants you to earn your 500 bonus bucks, I’ve got to give you as many tips as I can! Even if the areas of earning potential aren’t perfect for me, they might be amazingly successful for you! Yesterday, I mentioned that the top Swag Bucks Earners got the majority of their Bucks from Special Offers, but if you want to earn more SBs, or try a variety of ways to earn, here’s another the tip for you! Trusted Surveys.

Secrets of highly successful Swag Bucks earners

The Surveys on Swagbucks are the second biggest way the top earners of Swagbucks.com get all those Bucks. Here’s some facts about Surveys, plus ways to make sure you aren’t missing any Survey opportunities:

  • On average, Top SB Earners get a quarter of all their Swag Bucks from Surveys.
  • In addition to the Paid Surveys section of the site, which you can see under the Answer menu at the top of the page, you can also get relevant surveys sent directly to your email inbox. These Email Surveys allow you to earn Swag Bucks without even going to the site.
  • To sign up for Email Surveys, go to the Survey Profile of My Settings — for every profile you complete there you’ll get 2 SB, and it’ll help you get relevant surveys. That means more surveys that you’re qualified for AND more Swag Bucks!
  • Occasionally, you will also find relevant, and targeted surveys available to you via the Swagbucks Inbox Messages — that tiny mail icon in the top right corner of the site. While these surveys can pay out more SBs, it’s best to check the Swagbucks Inbox often as surveys sent here are time-sensitive and may expire.

If you haven’t signed up yet, you now have a leg up on how to earn more Swag Bucks. Join for free using my referral link right here and start earning like a top Swagbucks veteran with my tips.

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