His Holiday Outfit Survival Guide

November is right around the corner, and with it comes the first of the holiday gatherings with friends, and family. There will inevitably be post-work get-togethers, for cocktails with friends we haven’t seen in months. Usually a man’s date night outfit consists of his favorite pair of jeans, and a button down shirt, and inappropriate shoes. However, what happens when the cameras come out to capture the moment? Ladies, you don’t want Facebook immortalizing you next to a fashion disaster, right? Help your men out ensuring his best fashion foot is forward.  After all, the better he looks, the better you look.

Holiday Party: Outfit Survival Guide for women for their men

His Holiday Outfit Survival Guide

Before you put together his outfit, consider what the evening entails:

  • standing
  • sitting
  • dancing

If your fella is uncomfortable in his clothes, he’s likely to become fidgety, or worse, grouchy.  If you start off with a well-fitting undershirt as his base layer; pick out comfortable men’s underwear; he’ll be in a much better mood. Tommy John claims to have the lightest, and most comfortable underwear for men, so perhaps that’s a good place to begin.

Knowing most guys don’t like wearing coats, pick an easily layered outfit, this way he can peel some off if he gets hot. Not only is he going to complain if he’s dripping in sweat, it just isn’t attractive. Try choosing either a cardigan, or a blazer, over a dress shirt with a tie, depending on how formal you are looking to go.

Finally, there’s the question of grooming.  Considering we’re heading into the hairiest month of the year due to the growing of mustaches in support of men’s health, your man may be neglecting his normal shaving routine. Just because it’s ok to go lumberjack in November, doesn’t mean he should throw that razor away for the entire month.  Regular maintenance around the edges of his scruff is necessary. (And now there are even beard creams to keep things from getting too frizzy.)

When all the man-scaping is complete, make sure he doesn’t marinate in some awful cologne.  Keep it fresh with just a little aftershave.

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Hopefully these tips will ensure that your impromptu gatherings with friends are fashionable.

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