Home Sanctuary: 4 Ways to Create a Getaway Spot in Your House

In today’s busy, fast-paced world, we could all benefit from a personal getaway spot in our homes. A home sanctuary space where we can retreat from our obligations and deeply relax. One that’s free of clutter and chaos.

Home Sanctuary getaway spot in your own house

4 ways to create your home sanctuary

Whether you have a room in your house or just a corner, here are four ways to make your own magical “me” spot.

Make It You

The ultimate getaway spot is designed to be all about you. Fill it with things that you genuinely love—framed photos, candles, art, or collected treasures. You should only invite items into your space that fills you with positive emotions when you look at them, like love, gratitude, and joy. If you have any uncertain feelings about an item, keep it out of your sacred space.

Bring in Outdoor Elements

To create a special place that feels different than the rest of your home, bring in elements from the outdoors. For example, a small tabletop fountain offers the soothing sound of running water. Flowers and potted plants conjure time spent in gardens, and raw wood makes one think of walks in the forest. Find wood from a type of tree that is special to you from a local shop with timber for sale for a powerful connection to nature while you’re comfortable indoors.

Keep Technology Out

To make your unique space a sanctuary, you may want to keep technology out. The goal of creating a sacred space is often to have a place to connect with ourselves away from the rest of the world, and television and social media don’t help with that. Studies show that technology makes us anxious. If your goal is to seclude yourself while you’re in your private retreat space, consider leaving your phone in another part of the house. If you’re afraid of losing track of time, bring in a watch or clock to keep an eye on.

Engage Your Senses

To amp up the magic of your getaway spot, find ways to engage all of your senses. For example, playing your favorite music will instantly transform your space into one that you want to be in. Essential oils or incense engage the sense of smell which will help you relax. Make sure to choose pleasing and inviting textures for:

  • your furniture
  • pillows
  • rugs
  • blankets

And the space should be decorated with colors that delight you. When all of the senses are engaged, spaces become experiences, and not just places.

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