Home security requires a reliable Verizon Fios® WiFi connection

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Home security requires a reliable Verizon Fios® WiFi connection. If you’ve experienced a break in, you’ll understand how important a solid internet connection is for your cameras, and alarm system. An outage could spell disaster.

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Home security requires a reliable Verizon Fios® WiFi connection

It’s safe to say, most people with home security systems, have a wireless system. Do alarm companies offer hard-wired security systems anymore? I’m not even sure. My home has a few different types of systems I love. What can I say, I’m paranoid. Cameras, motion detectors, whatever the heck I can put all over the house, I’ve got it. Batteries are always at full-charge, while having a healthy supply of back-ups!

In this day and age, you kind of have to be paranoid, right? You need to have an intricate home security system, but also make sure it’s always working. Families need to be sure we have reliable internet service. Reliable WiFi, it’s a must. Speed, as well as reliability, is definitely something Verizon Fios understands. When checking on things at home, it’s important to see real-time without any lag in the feed.

What I definitely don’t want to come across is the inability to see what’s going on at home. There’s nothing worse than being out of the house, checking your WiFi cameras, only to find there’s no connection. If something’s wrong with the WiFi at home, being left blind to what’s happening back at home is upsetting. Frustrating as heck.

Verizon Fios® WiFi

Around the house, prior to having Fios, there was a lot of dropped WiFi. Is Verizon Fios perfect? No. Nothing in this world is perfect. However, it’s far more reliable than other services I’ve experienced. As a dog sitter, it’s also fantastic to keep an eye on what guest pets are doing at the house. Reliable WiFi provides me with a bit of….relief. Yes, relief. I breathe easier when I leave the house, knowing Verizon Fios has my back.




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