How much does a Garage Door Cost?

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How Much Does a Garage Door Cost?

Does your home need a new garage door? Perhaps you’re just looking for a way to spruce up your curb appeal, or maybe you’re sick and tired of having a cold garage.

When considering buying a garage door there are several factors to consider that will influence costs:

  • Size: Double or single doors.
  • Material of the Door: Composite and aluminum are usually the most affordable.
  • Insulation: Some garage doors don’t come with any insulation but if you are looking to lock out the cold insulation is a must and it may also lower energy costs.
  • Customization: Styles, paint, hardware and any other customization.
  • Garage Door Operator and Remotes: If needed, you can often find a great bundle deal for the door plus the opener.
  • Installation: Don’t forget, you’ll most likely need the company to transport and install your new garage door.
  • Warranty: If you would like to insure your purchase, you may also need to pay extra for a warranty.
How much does a garage door cost

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Since there are so many variables that could go into your garage door, costs vary. You may also get a better deal if you do a package deal.

For example, the basic Banko bundle for a single garage door (steel with no insulation) with an operator, permits, installation, and one-year warranty is only $944 (includes taxes).

At Banko, they pride themselves on straightforward, and all-inclusive pricing, so you’ll never have to worry about any hidden costs. If you’re located in West Central Florida, they would love to give you a free estimate on a garage door.

*This is a sponsored post by Banko Overhead Doors, Inc.
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