How to get your kid started in acting (if that’s what they want)

If your child has been inspired to take to the stage, you’ll want to know how to get your kid started in acting. Becoming a child actor can be an exciting experience.

Get your kid started in acting

Tips on how to get your kid started in acting

However, it can also be a challenging path if you don’t know where to get started. Here are eight steps you can take to help your child pursue his passion for performing.

What Kind of Performing Interests Your Child

There are many different types of acting roles available. Your child will thrive with the type of acting that he wants to do. For instance, if your child has a love for singing and dancing, then he would be ideal for acting in musicals. If your child is into jokes, then he will be ideal for comedy. Ask your child whom he idolizes in the acting world. This will help give your child some guidance on what type of acting training to pursue.

Discover Why Your Child Wants to Act

One of the important things you need to do is discover why your child wants to act. Since acting is a challenging route to take as a career, you need to understand his underlying motivations. If your child wants to act to simply be rich and famous, then he may not have the commitment levels to handle the challenge of acting. However, if your child loves the excitement of performing in front of people, then he will be ideal for pursuing an acting career.

Commit Time For Training

Becoming an actor means having the time to train and learn the craft. Therefore, your child will need to have the time to take acting classes. Pursuing acting is much like playing a musical instrument or playing a sport. You will want to give your child time to attend classes and to practice at home. Some performing arts schools such as The Broadway Collective, a Broadway school that provides summer intensives and online courses, gives the child a good work-life balance that allows the child the time to pursue acting and have free time in their life.

Be the Committed and Supportive Parent

While your child is pursuing his acting career, you’ll want to be committed to your child’s career. This means that you have to be prepared to take your child to class. You will also need to have the time to take your child to auditions, rehearsals, and performances. However, being a “stage mom” or a “stage dad” can be an exciting experience. You simply need to make sure that you have the time to help your child get the most out of his career.

Make Sure Your Child Has All the Tools That He Needs

Pursuing an acting career means that your child will need a certain amount of tools. These tools are mandatory for your child to be able to pursue professional work. Here are the tools that your child will need:

  • Headshot – Your child will need an 8×11 headshot to act as a visual representation for casting directors.
  • Resume – Your child will need to have his own resume that will show the child’s acting experience, training, skills, and other information that will help the casting director decide if he is right for a role.
  • Demo Reel – A demo reel is a video of your child’s acting performances and acting roles. This will help the casting director see if he is right for a role.

Give Your Child “Thick Skin”

Acting means being turned down 99% of the time. This is just part of the business. Many times your child will simply not be the person that the casting director is looking for. In other cases, someone will be better for the role. Therefore, you will need to talk to your child and let him know to never take any role rejection personally. This will allow your child to be psychologically prepared for the professional world of acting.

Helping Your Child Pursue His Acting Passion

Acting can be one of the most rewarding experiences that a child can have. Make sure that your child has the right training, the right tools, and the mindset to handle the ups and downs of an acting career.

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