How to Host the Best Game Night

Game nights can be excellent ways to connect with family members and friends. They’re especially fun during the weekend hours. If you want to start hosting fun game nights, you’ll need to remember a few key tips and tricks in order to be the best game night host.

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How to Host the Best Game Night

Once you get the hang of these tips, throwing a game night will feel as effortless as breathing.

Know and Review the Games in Advance

There’s nothing worse than a host who doesn’t take charge and run the show. If you’re waiting for someone else to haphazardly lead the games, this will lead to a lot of time wasted. Instead, review all of the games in the days leading up to the game night. If games need certain props, secure those in advance. Create a list of all the games you plan to play, and make sure you know where they are. Read the instructions so that you’re fully prepared to teach others how to play the games. As the host, you serve as the ring leader.

Set Up Space for Interaction

Choose the room in your home that has the most space. If you have a finished basement, a den, or a living room, clear the space so it can comfortably hold everyone. In terms of furniture, be sure to set up extra chairs in the rooms where most people will need a seat. A sectional couch is ideal for game nights because it easily holds a lot of people in the most comfortable manner. Plus, you can separate each piece of the couch to provide seating for everyone around a table, if needed. Depending on the number of people you’re expecting, extra folding chairs and stools can be extremely helpful.

Create a Themed Menu

Have fun by incorporating a theme. It doesn’t have to just be a game night. You can also turn it into a costume party. Create a menu that contains fun finger foods served on themed plates and more. Whether the theme is a football team, Christmas in July, or American Idol, get creative about the food preparation and plating.

Create Margin for Conversation

Game nights aren’t solely for playing games. They also serve the purpose of bringing people together to connect and have a great time. While it’s great to create a schedule and keep an eye on the clock so you can fit enough games in, leave a margin for people to connect, have conversations and enjoy each other. You don’t want to be so rigid to the point where your game night feels like a formal program.

Being a host has its own responsibilities. When you throw your first game night, take note of what could’ve been improved and what went well. This will help you to curate a great game night in the future. It just takes practice. As you practice, people will feel comfortable, happy, and ready to attend the next game night.

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