How to Keep Your Belongings Safe During Your Next Move

If you’re preparing to move to a new house or apartment, it’s best to start planning as soon as possible. Ideally, you’ll be able to spend a few months preparing for a safe move. As the moving process can be quite extensive, it’s essential you stay organized as you prepare your belongings for relocation. You’ll want to plan ahead to keep your belongings safe.

how to keep your belongings safe during your next move

How can you keep your belongings safe when you move?

It’s probably the last thing on your mind: keeping your stuff safe. More often than not, you’re thinking “please don’t let anything BREAK.” However, these days, we all have to think of worst-case scenarios.

Your Guide to Moving Safely

Part of the reason it’s important to start packing early: to ensure there are no loose ends when getting your belongings and family from point A to point B. Keep the following in mind for a safer transition:

1. Store Anything You Can

Investing in a storage unit is a safe and secure way to start packing for your move. As you sort through your belongings, take note of what essentials you have and belongings that you may not need immediately. With a storage unit, you’ll be able to protect any extra documents, jewelry, clothing, or furniture that you want to keep.

Make sure the area where the storage unit is is safe and secure. This will allow you to rest easy as you tackle your other moving responsibilities.

2. Keep Valuables Close By

Anything that is particularly valuable to you like family heirlooms, medicine, and sensitive documents like your passports and birth certificate should always stay close to you during your move. Before you take off and travel to your new home, make sure these items are safe and protected from potential water damage and the like. Be sure to make copies of these documents in case something happens to the originals.

As you travel, make sure these important documents or valuables are always on your person. If you prefer using a portable safe, keep it out of view in the trunk or always on your person.

3. Take Inventory and Plan Ahead of Time

During a move, it’s easy to lose track of what’s packed in each box. Not to mention, moving with children could potentially be a little hectic. Avoid this sort of scenario by taking inventory of everything and making a plan of how you will go about it. Do this by making a list of all your valuables and everyone, that you’ve packed. In this list, make sure to include detailed photographs of the items as well as proof of ownership. If anything’s stolen, broken, or lost, having images will help with insurance claims.

Make a moving inventory by creating a spreadsheet using columns for:

  • the object’s name
  • how it’s being transported
  • the date it’s being moved
  • box number
  • it’s condition when packed

An effective alternative to spreadsheets is to use moving apps to create inventories.

4. Solidify Travel Plans

The next step in a safe move is to solidify your travel plans. If you plan to use a moving company, it’s best to start searching for the right movers ahead of time. Be sure to interview at least three moving companies to make sure you find movers that you trust. Reputable moving companies won’t ask for payment upfront, only upon completion.

If you’d prefer not to travel by truck or car, consider shipping a car and belongings together. Going with this option makes it easy to transport your car and anything else that needs to come with you. This way, you’ll be able to board a flight and pick up your vehicle and the rest once you land.

5. Get Moving Insurance

Moving insurance is an important addition for anyone that plans to move. Work with your home insurance company to determine if your policy covers your upcoming move. If you’re planning to transport especially valuable items, it may be beneficial to take out additional coverage. Consider working with a moving company as they also offer insurance coverage as this will help to protect you should anything go wrong or get damaged during your move.

Moving safely requires a clear plan and forethought. Make sure your upcoming move goes as smoothly as possible by using this guide as you get ready for your move.

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