How to Plan a Self-Care Day When You Need a Pick-Me-Up

It goes without saying that life can be stressful, and some weeks are worse than others. Whether the problems come from work or originate at home, they have a way of turning the world into an endless catalog of annoyances and frustrations. At a certain point, we all find ourselves screaming toward the heavens that we just can’t take it anymore. That, my friends, is when it’s time for a self-care day.

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A guide for you to help plan a self-care day TODAY!

But what exactly does a day taking care of yourself entail? How should you plan for one? Let this be your comprehensive guide.

Call Out of Work

Trying to plan a self-care day around your normal work schedule isn’t likely to go well. No matter how much you promise yourself the day will still be special and meaningful, the normal stressors are almost certain to make themselves felt. You could always plan your self-care program for a day you already have off. However, that ruins the whole point. This is all about putting the stress of work life where it belongs on the priority list: below your own well-being.

Put Your Own Needs First

If you’re like most people, you consider yourself a kind, caring person. Often prone to putting others before yourself. This is certainly admirable, but at a certain point constant concern for others becomes detrimental to your own peace of mind. Understand how to take care of your mental health by learning to say “no.” Tell yourself, for one day at least, you can go without:

  • calling grandma
  • feeding the neighborhood cats
  • playing with your neighbor’s kids after school

Spoil Yourself

It seems obvious that on your self-care day you should spoil yourself more than usual. But what exactly should you spoil yourself with? Really, it can be anything. All your plans should meet one basic criterion: they make you feel good about yourself and the world around you. If you love nature, go out and take a hike. Into manicures? This is the perfect day to get one. Whatever it is that will give you pleasure, work it into your plans.

Don’t Over-plan It

Planning a self-care day can be a big part of the overall enjoyment of the process. The problem: when the big day arrives, the pressure to follow through with every item on the itinerary becomes stressful in and of itself. You’re much better off keeping things simple. That way, you can flow through your day without worrying about adherence to any overdrawn, complicated plan.

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