Inner City Schools: top resources schools need for staff & students

Inner city schools struggle with issues most other educational communities don’t face. In order to start bettering these schools, as well as improving the quality of the education students receive, the system should work to offer more resources.

Inner City Schools The Top Resources They Should Provide Their Staff and Students

Top resources schools need for staff & students in Inner City Schools

Basic Classroom Supplies

There are definitely schools taking for granted what many inner city schools desperately need. Teachers don’t have enough of the following, for their students:

  • reading materials
  • notebooks
  • pens
  • crayons
  • paper

It’s difficult to properly instruct students. Some teachers buy the items themselves, but not everyone has the money to do so every academic year. Bringing in the necessary resources can help students have the useful educational opportunities they deserve.

Support for Higher Education

When teachers seek higher education, they learn about methods for improving instruction in the classroom. Teachers also gain access to information about improving the educational environment of inner city schools as a whole. Whether teachers are interested in a masters degree in gifted education, special education, or a specific subject area, schools should look into financial support, or financial incentive, to encourage them. For example, offering increased pay after teachers take a certain number of credits, may motivate them to begin the programs.

Mental Health Services

Students in inner city schools may encounter difficulties their peers in other schools don’t have to face. They may live in poverty, or their family might be homeless. They may have to frequently miss school to work, in order to support their family. Many miss school to watch younger siblings while their parents work.

Regis College notes an inability to access healthcare often precludes people from receiving the mental health services they need, and this situation often disproportionately affects individuals living in poorer communities. Offering mental health services at school can help kids stay focused on their academic endeavors.


Inner city schools can have problems with violence. Drugs, as well as gangs, can contribute to these issues. Starting early to raise awareness, as well as incorporate preventative tactics, is a helpful step for the safety of schools, and students. Some schools may need to implement metal detectors. While they may feel as though this step is not aesthetically pleasing to the environment, doing so can help to keep everyone inside safer.

Entirely changing the climate of a school is not a process that can happen immediately. However, starting to integrate some of these suggestions can lead to long-term success.

Author bio: Hannah Whittenly is a freelance writer and mother of two from Sacramento, CA. She enjoys kayaking and reading books by the lake.

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