Inspiring Ways to Motivate Kids to Read

If it’s difficult to motivate kids to read, you might have to come up with creative ideas to solve the problem. Firstly, the world of books should be an exciting experience for kids, not something to dread. Being overly strict with them on this subject will likely have the opposite effect of what parents intended.

inspiring ways to motivate kids to read

Motivate kids to read with these inspiring ideas

Consider these useful ideas that can motivate nearly any kid to read.

Why It’s Important for Kids to Read

Children who read have the opportunity to develop empathy, exercise the brain, improve concentration, enhance imagination, and improve language and vocabulary skills, among other things. Additionally, books can provide them with an escape from their problems. For instance, being a kid can be far from easy because they tend to face bullies on a regular basis, pressure to succeed at school and other difficulties.

Make Reading Mandatory Before Using Electronics

While using electronics may be a common activity employed by children and adults, this doesn’t mean it’s healthy. Indeed, using technology less can improve self-worth, deepen relationships, reduce stress, boost focus and enhance sleep quality. Therefore, make reading mandatory before allowing children to watch television, play video games, browse social media and utilize smartphones. Make it clear why they need to read, and listen to them when they talk about their challenges with it. Being understanding of their feelings is a great way to encourage them to listen more. Explaining to them the value of what you are giving them (literacy) will help them understand.

Understand the Benefits of Listening to Audiobooks

One interesting alternative to reading is listening to audiobooks. Of course, some benefits are increased attention span, better focus and strengthened listening skills. In addition, you can play an audiobook in the background and let kids do a healthy activity. This could be coloring in a coloring book, playing with Legos or drawing pictures. Turn an audiobook on in the car to keep the kids entertained so adults can focus on driving safely. There are audiobooks and even audio dramas (kind of like plays for your ears) that can give your children a love for stories.

Age-Appropriate Reading Can Be More Enjoyable

Giving children reading material that’s age-appropriate has many benefits. For one, they’ll find it easier to grasp the subject matter, vocabulary and writing voice if it’s on their level. Plus, it can be exciting for kids to read stories that relate to their own personal experiences and feelings. With an age-appropriate book, they can enhance their emotional and social developments, and learn valuable life lessons.

Encourage Books to Suit the Child’s Preference

A kid who actually enjoys what he or she reads will be thoroughly engrossed in the story. They’ll pay a higher level of attention to the storybook which can improve their attention spans and help them stay focused. Allow them to read traditional books, listen to audiobooks or even pick up a comic book. Moreover, encourage them to have fun by taking them to the library or bookstore, or teach them how to download e-books. The best part of allowing them to choose their own books to read is that they can genuinely immerse themselves in a story they love. Reading comic books is still reading, and if the choice is between reading and not reading for your kid, it is almost always better to choose reading. Just make sure what they are reading is suitable for their level of maturity.

Be a Genuine Role Model

When a parent takes a particular action, such as read a book, children are more likely to do so. Kids tend to copy anything and everything they see their parents do which makes it vital for parents to be genuine role models. This means parents should be reading books on a regular basis. Other than this, it’s highly important for parents to enjoy what they’re reading so they’re more likely to commit to it.

Know When to Get Help

Sometimes kids can have genuine learning issues regarding their ability to read. Sometimes this comes from a lack of interest in reading, but other times the lack of interest in reading comes from a child who struggles with it. Embarrassment over their struggles with literacy is often masked by disinterest, and often leads to outbursts of negative behavior when they are put in situations where they have to read (for example, being called to read in class at school). Having children with learning struggles isn’t uncommon, and it’s not a failure if you need extra help to deal with the extra challenge that comes from having a child with learning disabilities. Never feel like you have to give up on your child’s literacy. You can seek help from teachers or get help from professionals who use Orton Gillingham training methods.

There’s so much to explore through books. For instance, kids have the unique chance to explore their imaginations by visiting vivid landscapes, meeting eccentric characters and getting involved in simple and complex stories. Almost nothing can be more satisfying for youth than to escape reality and enter fascinating, new realms full of myth and fantasy. Even the most fantastical setting can teach children about communication, relationships, and ethics as stories (fiction or otherwise) are playgrounds for their minds to act out simulations of their lives. Give your child access to the depth of humanity’s imagination by helping them learn to love reading.

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