It’s Febreze’s #12Stinks of Christmas with Jane Lynch and Matt Morrison

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Sometimes it’s just fun to hang out with new friends, and check out Febreze’s #12Stinks of Christmas with Jane Lynch and Matt Morrison. Yeah, the ones formerly of Glee. Honestly, I never watched Glee when it was on television. Jane Lynch is probably one of the funniest women on the planet, and I love her! What I didn’t know about her, is that she can also carry a tune. Did you know she could sing? She paired up with a Matt Morrison to record a fantastic #12Stinks of Christmas (a more aromatic version of the 12 Days of Christmas.) Who can resist an afternoon with a comedian, a talented actor, ugly sweaters, and Febreze? Not me!

It's Febreze's #12Stinks of Christmas & Christmas with Jane Lynch

It’s Febreze’s #12Stinks of Christmas with Jane Lynch and Matt Morrison

Febreze ills my home. I have it in each closet of my home, so I can easily grab it and spray odors away. Just like in the #12Stinks of Christmas, and the 4 Pugs-a-stinking, I happen to have a Pug of my own! No, it’s not Doug the Pug from social media fame. My Pug has been with me for 16 years, and even though he stinks and stinks up most of our home, I’ve been battling the odor with Febreze for most of those 16 years! (Hey, Febreze, can you get working on one for Pug breath?)

Once I added children to the house, the foul odors increased. In order to battle diaper pails, I placed Febreze in each bedroom. Back then, there weren’t as many options. Just a spray, and we went through quite a bit of it. Now? Heck, there’s now Febreze plug ins for outlets, so it’s constant battling odors. Perfect for bathrooms, if you ask me. I’ve got a boy, and a grown man in the house, and boys smell. It’s just what they do.

This year, I’m going to be using two new scents when we pull out our holiday decorations. Jolly Pine will help remove the musty “unfinished basement” odor of our artificial tree. Cranberry Cheer is perfect for the remainder of the house. It’s going to be a straight up holiday haze up in this mother— wait, this is a family show here — family home. Straight up holiday haze in this family home. So excited to share these scents with guests, as opposed to the alternative wet Pug, and gross boy smells stenches.


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