It’s new to me, but let’s get to know QuickRewards

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It’s never easy to figure out new sites, but it’s always important for me to have a nice variety of point earning websites to share with all of you. What’s good for me, may not always be good for all of you. I’ve got my favorites, for sure, but it doesn’t mean you love them as much as I love them, right?

What’s that mean? It means I search out new sites all the time, and once I’ve used them for a bit, I share them with you guys. I’ve got new ones I’m introducing all this week. Yesterday I shared InstaGC, which is one I’m still getting use to, just like this one today. It’s new to me, but let’s get to know QuickRewards Network together, shall we?

One of the most helpful things I have found with this website, is the Daily Checklist. It’s basically a helpful reminder of all the things you can do each day, if you wish to do them, and when you’re done, it checks it off for you. Keeps you motivated, and honestly, lists out everything you can do to earn points, too, without having to hunt around for all the various ways to earn points! Saves lots of time.

From what I can tell so far, it’s fairly easy to earn points when you do the following little tidbits….

Sign up for Daily Paid Emails

It seems as if I get about 15 emails a day from the site, which always have a different way for me to earn points. Just have to read them, and click. SWEET.

Daily Clicks

With Daily Clicks, you can earn points doing simple things like watching some videos on a website, or doing a yahoo search, or some other kind of easy task that takes little time, and very little effort!

Visit Websites

Pretty self explanatory. You click through the link and visit websites, interact with the site, and earn points. Simple, fast, and easy.

Search the Web

Each hour, you can earn points just for searching the web. Yup, once an hour.

Referring Friends

Well, what else would be on the list, right? Seriously, you get to earn 5% of what your referred friends earn when they complete surveys, shop, watch videos, and complete offers. So YES, this is a great way to earn passive points, my friends! Just refer with a link, or a little banner. You don’t have to have a blog, you can share it on social media, or through email. Just share it and start earning off of your referrals.

Here’s my link to refer all of you, so we can all start earning together! Sign up today with QuickRewards courtesy of my referral link.

If you’ve been a part of the site, and have been earning, and have tips and tricks, please share!!! It’s important to get ourselves working together to earn the most points we can, and be a real community here on the blog.



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