Joules adds a pop of color to rain season

Joules adds a pop of color to rain season, for sure. Honestly, there’s no real rain season in New York anymore. There’s no real “season” of anything. It all seems to be crazy, strange, out of season weather phenomena. When the rains do come? They hit like mother nature has something to prove to the world. She’s making a statement “I can end you all, right now.” And, she’s right! I’ve stepped into a puddle, and sunk down to my elbows. That’s how damn deep it turned out to be, no joke. She’s mad as hell, and she’s making her point very clear.

Joules adds a pop of color to rain season

Joules adds a pop of color to rain season

Instead of being down about mother nature trying to drown me, I’ve decided to put a little pep in my step. A little pop of color for the rainy days. I may not be a fashion maven, but I know what I like, and I love a good Wellie, that’s for damn sure. I’d never heard of Joules until I attended an event in New York City, where they were showing off their line of kid clothes, and Wellies. I asked, after seeing how awesome the boots were, “do you have adult stuff?” I was happy to find out, they did!

As soon as I got home, I logged onto Joules.com and started shopping. I thought about all the times I’ve stepped off the sidewalk in NYC, and right into a huge puddle that could drown a small dog. Wet pant legs, and soggy shoes and socks. Of course, it always happens when I’m starting my day in the big city, not at the end. It’s what fed my desire to buy the perfect pair of boots, ones that will keep my feet, socks, and pants dry!

Boots to honor my fur baby

Recently, I lost my fur baby of 17 years. My best buddy. The longest relationship I’ve ever had. To honor him, I chose a killer neon, bright as the sun, pug patterned pair of rain boots. Of course, being the clearance shopper that I am, I noticed a few boots were on sale. It was a big clearance event happening, which I don’t believe is happening anymore. But, it secured me the chance to pick up another favorite color of mine: orange. A little lower of a Wellie, but just as helpful! Those will be the go-to boots when I’ve got to pick the kids up from school, and deal with GIGANTIC puddles in the parking lot.

So far, my feet have stayed dry. So have my pant legs! Mama Sunflower’s happy as a pig in poop. When Little Miss stops growing, I’ll hook her up with her own Wellies from Joules, no doubt. Unless she ends up stealing my orange ones.

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*I bought these boots, and I love them. No one sponsored this, no one paid for me to right this. That’s right, I fell in love with them, and since they don’t seem to have an affiliate program so I can earn some cash for sharing, this is a totally non-sponsored in any way article. See how similar it is to the sponsored ones? Yeah, sponsored, or not, I tell it like it is. 


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