Julep Toes

Manicures are fun, but pedicures are a pain. My daughter’s got super ticklish feet, so if I hold her foot and try to paint her toe nails, she wiggles. WIGGLES. However, she still wants Julep toes. She is the apple that fell from my tree in so many ways……

Julep Toes #julepmaven #affiliateJulep Toes

How does a mom get her daughter’s toes all Julep-ed up, without painting her entire foot every time she wiggles and jerks her foot around? Well, honestly, there use to be a lot of me yelling at her to sit still. Yeah, we’re talking a lot of stress just to get her toes painted, and then to make sure she doesn’t smudge them after the torture of having to paint them.

Do NOT move an inch, because if that smudges, I will have to hurt you. Mommy’s not playin’.

Yeah, that’s right, I told her that exact statement EVERY.SINGLE.TIME. I never said I was the best mom in the world. These kids need to have things to share with their therapists when they’re older and complaining that I ruined their lives. I’m just doing them a favor, right?!!! In any event, comedy aside, it was a royal pain in the butt and it took me FOREVER to get her toes done. Then she’d get up and smudge them. I lost my temper a few times over this. Yes, stupid, but come on people. I’d just spent a huge amount of time on these little piggies!!!

NOW? My answer is the Julep Plié Wand™. I can have Little Miss put her foot on my leg, with a towel over my leg so nothing gets on me. I put my little color on my Plie Wand and adjust the handle so the brush is steady in my hand, and not touch her foot at all. The wand sits comfortably in my hand, so I don’t have to touch her foot to make sure I only paint her nails, not her skin. It goes a heck of a lot faster now, and doing it once per week isn’t a huge time suckage. Nor is it a pain in the butt, so there’s a lot less yelling to SIT STILL. And I rarely threaten her if she moves an inch…… RARELY.


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