Laid back places to eat in Rochester, New York

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Visiting the City of Rochester is probably one of my favorite things in the world. I’m a New Yorker, and I love every square inch of my great state. Rochester is a true gem in our state’s crown.

places to eat in Rochester

Five of the best places to eat in Rochester

And let’s face it, when I’m visiting one of my favorite cities and I want to eat, I look for the best laid back places to eat in Rochester.

Center City Terrace + Lounge @ Hyatt Regency Rochester

Located on the 4th Floor of the Hyatt Regency Rochester at 125 East Main Street, Rochester

Center City Terrace + Lounge beef and salads

Whether you’re a guest of the hotel, or not, the Center City Terrace + Lounge is one of the best places to eat in Rochester! It’s available to enjoy if you’re in downtown Rochester. Find cocktails, adult beverages, food, and decent views of the City of Rochester on this fourth floor destination at the Hyatt Regency Rochester.

Locals love the laid back Center City Terrace + Lounge after work, and with an amazing staff, it’s no wonder why people often return. On a gorgeous fall night, when the temperatures are starting to dip during the evening hours, fire pits keep guests warm on the outside terrace. Guests enjoy cocktails and conversation whilst taking in the City of Rochester views.

Dinosaur BBQ

Located at 99 Court Street, Rochester

Dinosaur Bar-B-Que Brisket and Cajun Corn

Order the Cajun Corn side. It’s the best corn side dish I have ever had in any restaurant. Normally I’m not a huge fan of chain restaurants, but Dinosaur BBQ churns out stellar food and should definitely be on your list of places to eat in Rochester. If you want more than just the Cajun Corn, which honestly, I could swim in that stuff and never come up for air…. go for their BBQ Brisket. Don’t question it, just order it.

Want a bit of starch with your meat and corn? Mashed potatoes with gravy. Creamy and dreamy mashed potatoes. More often than not, mashed potatoes at a chain place means dried out glue. NOT THE CASE at Dinosaur BBQ. So good.

Pane Vino on the River

Located at 175 North Water Street, Rochester

Pane Vino on the River burger and fries

Although the service is a little slow during lunchtime, the food’s worth it. I recommend sitting outside at Pane Vino on the River if the weather allows for it. After a lovely trip sponsored by Visit Rochester, I went out for a bite to eat with new friends. We were hoping to score some grub at a food truck, but they weren’t around for some reason and after walking around for a bit, looking for a place for lunch, we asked some locals what places to eat in Rochester they would recommend.

Pane Vino on the River was the closest place, and how could we say no to sitting outside on a gorgeous September afternoon? There’s no better way to spend time with new friends in Rochester, than enjoying a juicy burger and crispy fries by the river! Maybe the views added to the flavor of the burger, or the company of new friends. Whatever the case may be, this laid back lunchtime joint serves up great food (a little slow for this downstate New Yorker). Definitely check it out. It’s also within walking distance of a few hotels in the downtown area.

Rohrbach’s Beer Hall & Production Brewery

Located at 97 Railroad Avenue, Rochester

Rohrbach Beer Hall thick cut bacon

All I have to say is BACON. If you choose to eat at Rohrbach’s Beer Hall right down the street from the City of Rochester Public Market, order a dish with bacon. I don’t drink beer, which I know is not all that common in today’s world. However, the beer hall laid back and casual feel is appealing. The bacon alone is worth visiting Rohrbach’s, and if you happen to enjoy beer, this is the place for you. It serves up American-German pub food, along with craft beers, house ales and lagers.

I  mean, it’s the original craft  brewery in ROC, so it makes sense beer lovers enjoy both locations. I’m just saying, even if you’re not interested in beer, don’t avoid the place. Think thick cut bacon, and other delicious food. It was all great, but I DREAM about the bacon. I’ll head back on my next trip to Rochester. I wonder if they’ll just give me a plate piled high with bacon….. here’s hoping.


Located at 3195 Monroe Avenue, Pittsford

Wegmans tacos and bakery

Okay, this one isn’t exactly in Rochester, but it’s RIGHT OUTSIDE of Rochester in Pittsford. If you don’t have a car, it’s an Uber ride away. A visit to the flagship Wegmans store in Pittsford is an ABSOLUTE MUST for everyone traveling to the Rochester area. Wegmans isn’t just a supermarket, it’s a way of life and the Pittsford location is the motherland.

In the mood for a burger? No problem, there’s a burger joint. Interested in made-to-order goodies, like a little Mexican food? Wegmans has it, and I can happily report the tacos are perfection. Fresh guacamole and the sour cream, YUM.

I also recommend picking up some goodies at the Bakery for those late-night munchies that hit whilst traveling! If you’re lucky enough to stay in a hotel with a fridge in the room, pick up lots of fresh goodies for those late night snack attacks in your hotel room.

Want more restaurant options in Rochester? No worries, find more Rochester eats here.

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