Five best travel networks and communities

I’m fairly cool traveling solo. At times, I grab some girlfriends, and other times, I bring the family. However, plenty of people out there love to travel and connect with new people. Travel networks and communities are perfect for travelers looking for locals, or travel buddies! It’s even a great way to find a place to crash, without worrying about hotels and hostels.

travel networks and communities

Travel networks and communities: what are they

Simply put: lots of travelers connecting all around the world. People can use networks and communities to:

  • find a travel buddy
  • locate a place to crash
  • connect with locals for a unique travel experience
  • learn more about countries whilst planning a trip

5 travel communities and networks


Singletons this is for you guys. YourTravelMates.com helps single people find travel “dates.” Basically, this is more a dating website for travel junkies. Enter your information, and the website matches you up with a travel mate. It’s up to you if you want to pursue something with the person you travel with, or not. Perhaps it ends up as a “just friends” situation. However, maybe it’s the way to find your soul mate. Who knows?!

All I know: traveling solo isn’t for everyone, and if you’re single and want to enjoy a fantastic vacation with someone possessing similar tastes, and traits, go wild! Why now? Enjoy the journey, along with the destination.

My only concern? A lot of emphasis is on BEAUTY, and I don’t think it’s the inner beauty kind of beauty. But, hey, give it a go and let me know how it goes!


Wayn.com includes over 21 million members, and focuses on being a lifestyle and travel social network. Making friends with like-minded people, and sharing experiences and interests. Wayn.com provides a great community to learn about new places to explore on a future vacation.

If a member has an interest in a new travel destination, there’s plenty of locals to answer every question imaginable. Plenty of photos to look through, inspiring many to visit places they may never have thought of visiting.

  • make new friends
  • ask locals questions
  • learn about new travel opportunities


AirBNB is lovely for travel, however, couchsurfing.com provides a chance to stay with locals at a host’s home FOR FREE.  Hosts list their homes, and share their lives with guests. Travelers stay for free, and enjoy chances to experience a new destination with locals.

Hosts and travelers go through a verification process, and profiles have references along with feedback from other couch surfer’s experiences.

Start with a profile, and go from there. If you’re not into offering up your sofa for a stay, you can offer yourself up as a city resource. Download the mobile app for either iOS or Android to make it easier on-the-go to find either a last minute couch, or a last minute local for questions about the area you’re visiting.


A free social network for travelers: tournac.com. It connects travelers to not only meet other travelers, but also find travel partners for a shared travel experience. If you aren’t traveling in the near future, no worries. See who’s coming to your area, and meet new people vacationing in your home town!

Tournac.com has a mobile app for iOS, as well as Android, easily found on the home page of their website.


Gapyear.com has a community for people who love travel…. with a backpack! When joining, travelers have access to messages boards for asking questions, answering questions, and enjoying conversations with people sharing similar travel interests.

Finding travel partners is easy using the message boards. Just remember, these are BACKPACKERS. If you’re not into traveling with your trusty backpack, this isn’t the community for you!

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