8 LGBT Romance Books to Read This Year

Discover the ideal LGBTQ love-themed romantic novels to read. All of our favorite romantic clichés, such as friends to lovers, and forced proximity, are present in these stories, but they also explore characters discovering how to live their truths and own their identities.

lgbt romance books

8 LGBT Romance Books We Recommend to Read This Year

Perfectly suited LGBT romance books to keep you entertained during your next beach vacation, long road trip, or evening sitting by the fire with your phone flashlight lighting the way through the pages.

1. The One Woman by Laura May

The One Woman, a brand-new LGBT romance book by Laura May. In every sense, Julie’s life and her relationship with her partner Mark are routine. Until she meets Ann, that is. Ann is a web developer who is compassionate and lovely. There is no denying Julie’s affections for Ann. As their past and present collide in Barcelona, the flame is real. Julie must choose between her love for Ann and her allegiance to Mark when catastrophe strikes. Will real love endure the test of time? It can be found in The One Woman.

2. This Is Kind of an Epic Love Story By Kacen Callender

When Ollie, Nate’s childhood best friend, pulls back into town, sparks flare. Nate’s ex-girlfriend and current closest friend Florence notices their spark right away and realizes they were meant to be together. She will first need to persuade Nate to give love a try.

3. I Think I Love You By Auriane Desombre

Emma and Sophia, longtime rivals, are set against one another for a prized trip to a Los Angeles film festival.
However, a turn of events leads to their falling in love, or at least that is how they perceive it.
This is the quintessential LGBT romance, full of laugh-out-loud humor and heartwarming scenes.

4. You Made a Fool of Death with Your Beauty By Akwaeke Emezi

After losing the love of her life in an accident five years prior, Feyi Adekola is prepared to ease back into the dating world when a chance encounter on a rooftop blossoms into a whirlwind summer of exotic beaches, delectable meals, and a bright future for her art career. Feyi must consider her past, rethink her future, and consider how far she is ready to go in order to have a chance at true love as her life gets noticeably more complicated.

5. Lakelore by Anna-Marie McLemore

Bastián and Lore, two nonbinary teenagers who are the only ones to have really visited the rumored world beneath the lake, are the subjects of the mystical young adult romance novel “Lakelore.” Although it has been a while since the two have talked, when the worlds below and above the surface start to entwine, Bastián and Lore will need to work together, face their secrets, and rediscover trust.

6. Belladonna By Anbara Salam

When Isabella and Bridget graduate in 1957, they are accepted into a prominent art history program in northern Italy.
Bridget learns there that she may recreate herself as whatever she wants, perhaps even someone Isabella might want in return. A mesmerizing coming-of-age story that looks into the depths of desire and at the relationships that have the capacity to both save and ruin us.

7. The One True Me and You By Remi K England

This contemporary romance is written by the author who wrote The Disasters and Spellhacker. It follows two young people who meet when their hotel hosts a convention and a pageant at the same time: one is a sapphic fanfic writer who is figuring out their gender identity, and the other is a secretly gay pageant queen who loves all things fandom.

8. When Katie Met Cassidy By Camille Perri

After being rejected by her fiancé, Katie Daniels, a transplanted Kentucky resident with strong conventional beliefs, finds herself sat across from Cassidy Price, a seductive, confident lady sporting a man’s suit, at a negotiation table. They both end up in the Metropolis, a dimly lit lesbian dive bar, after an accidental encounter later that evening. Their irresistible attraction will soon force each woman to rethink what she believes she deserves and what she actually wants in relationships.

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