Maintaining sanity with FiOS

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Maintaining sanity is difficult, but it’s a lot easier when you’ve things to keep your distracted. It’s been a rough couple of weeks for me, and my family. FiOS has been what keeps me sane. I’ve relied on the FiOS Mobile App, and DVR, often over the last year, but it’s been relied upon like nobody’s business the last couple of weeks.

Maintaining Sanity with FiOS #VerizonFiOS #FiOSNY [ad]

Maintaining sanity with FiOS

Normally, I’m not a huge television watcher. People seem to watch it all the time, and are addicted to shows. It’s just not my thing. However, I do watch it. I like the noise when I’m working, plus when I’m mentally exhausted, I just want to be distracted by something.

Reading while mentally exhausted just isn’t happening, right? It’s really music and television that work best when you’re in need of a little down time. When you need your brain to shut off, and think about nothing. I’ve been experiencing that often over the last couple of weeks.

What has caused my sanity to dissipate? My mother. She suffered a heart attack, along with a stroke. My best friend in the world is fighting every day to come back to us, and every day when I’m with her, I want to be strong for her. It’s tiring. I talk to her, share about what’s going on at home with the kids, and family. I only speak about the good things, and positive things. I won’t allow people to speak any negative words around her.

After being with her, I just want to curl up in a ball and cry. I want to not think about anything. I just want to be still, and rid my mind of anything negative that might be lurking around in there. Plus, I’m just exhausted from hearing all the updates about her progress. Mr. Sunflower has been recording the shows I normally like to watch, so I plant myself in bed, curl up with my pillows, and watch on my iPad through the FiOS Mobile App. It’s easier to use than the stupid remote with my FiOS box. I get so frustrated with the remote!

FiOS Mobile App

I bring my iPad with me to the hospital, and since they have free WiFi for patients, and visitors, I’ve been able to find some movies mom loves. She’s got a thing for violent movies, that are totally about blowing things up. On the weekends, since the kids were born, we’ve gone to my parents’ house at least one day over the weekend. Whenever we’re there, she’s got some crazy action movie on the television, with actors like Sly Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, or Liam Neeson.

It seems silly to others, but I know she’s in there and can hear us. I figure if I let her listen to these movies, she might just surprise me and ask to see it? I hold it on my lap, and raise the volume. I’m hoping that she’ll just “wake up” and turn to me, ask me to hold it up for her to watch it, not just listen to it.

If I don’t drop the iPad in surprise, I’ll be more than happy to set it up for her so we can watch together. I hate those stupid movies, but if I can watch them again with mom, it would make my entire world complete.

So, each day, I bring my iPad with my FiOS Mobile App, and watch these movies while I sit by her side, holding her hand. It helps me maintain my sanity. It helps me focus on the positives, and it helps ward off all those negative thoughts trying to pierce through my mind.

Maintaining sanity is a must while going through this, so I’ll do whatever I can to make sure I keep the energy positive. It’s what will get all of us through this very difficult time. Having Verizon FiOS has been a huge blessing for me. It sounds crazy, but it is what it is.


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