The Masters Tournament sparks the love of golf each spring

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The Masters Tournament sparks the love of golf each spring for the kids. It’s the reminder they need to ask me to sign them up for our local town programs, and camps. I’ve never been a lover of golf, I’m a tennis girl. Their adoration for the sport? Totally from Mr. Sunflower. Thankfully, neither child is a lefty, like Mr. Sunflower, No one’s spending a ton on golf clubs! Two righties means less of an expense!

The Masters Tournament sparks the love of golf each spring

The Masters Tournament sparks the love of golf each spring

My little sunflowers are big on activities. Both kids dance hip hop, practice Jiu Jitsu, play tennis, and The Boy plays soccer, while Little Miss chose to play lacrosse. One activity they’ve grown to truly look forward to each summer, beyond tennis, is golf. Personally, I’m not a fan. What can I say? It doesn’t hold my attention long enough. It’s a pretty sport, don’t get me wrong, but it requires too much of dedicated attention for one, single shot. I prefer reacting to on the tennis court. It’s the charm of me!

Little Miss and The Boy? Golf is a total passion for them two of them, and this is all thanks to Mr. Sunflower. Mr. Sunflower’s passionate about a few sports, but golf is something he can do WITH the kids. Tennis I can do with the kids, golf he can do with the kids. All the other activities the kids do, we’re just an audience at their recitals, or belt tests, or games. We don’t step out there on the field, or stage, or dojo with them.

Father and kid bonding time

Golf? Golf allows Mr. Sunflower to not just play with the kids, but teach them, and help them improve their skills. It’s very sweet to see, and I’m perfectly content to snap photos, and take videos, from the outskirts of their father and kids moments together. Truly, when I see the bond between our sunflowers and Mr. Sunflower.

When The Masters Tournament shows up on television, like it did a couple of week ago, it’s my reminder about golf camp. In previous years they used the town’s equipment, but this year, THIS YEAR, they have their own clubs! The excitement is in the air, for sure. They’ve been waiting patiently since they received their new gear for their birthdays in November. Mr. Sunflower’s father was the rockstar of gift giving back in November, for sure!

Little Miss received a fantastic set, featuring the color orange of course! She’s got an Orlimar Girl’s Junior golf club set, perfect for her size and how she’ll grow over the next few years. Now, for The Boy, he’s all about blue, but he also enjoys orange, so the perfect choice for our little guy was the X9 Linksman Golf Junior Kids Club Set.

I left Mr. Sunflower to decide on the best golf sets, which he did for his father. He found the perfect sets for the kids based on not just their color preferences, but also the sizes of the sets. Since you hold golf clubs a certain way, your height plays a huge role in the perfect set. It’s not like you can adjust them, or cut them, as you can do with a lacrosse stick!

Golf for less

If you’re not familiar with the sport of golf, it’s expensive. It’s not just about the equipment, it’s also about tee times, lessons, and sometimes having to belong to a golf club. When Mr. Sunflower suggested golf, I almost passed out, because I knew it was a big money sucking activity. However, instead of saying “hell to the no,” I hunted around for local programs through the town. Three years ago, I found a local town program for them. Huge money saver.

Let’s be honest, the kids were in love with miniature golf, and putting out in the yard with daddy, but would they really enjoy the game on a golf course? A local town program was the best option, for sure. Any sport, or activity, your kids want to try out for the first time, I highly recommend looking at your town for programs, or camps, so you spend less money. In our family, once you commit to something, you follow it through.

However, it’s much nicer to spend less cash, because if they choose not to do the activity after the first experience with it, I don’t feel as upset we invested money into something they didn’t love. Sure, my kids finish it out, but if they don’t love it, and won’t continue with it the next year, for me, it feels like a waste. It feels less like a waste when I do it through a free, or super inexpensive, program! Am I wrong? I didn’t think so!

Town programs for sports

Around our area, town programs priced well. Most programs offer the necessary equipment to participate in the program. However, if you have your own sports equipment, you can use your own. Little Miss and The Boy get to bring their own golf sets for the first time this year, but the quality of the equipment they’ve been using the last couple of years, has been fantastic. It was just a nice gift for the kids for their birthday, because let’s be real here, my kids do not have to worry about getting the latest and greatest toys, and games, thanks to mom’s job! Gift giving for relatives can be tricky, and difficult.

How to save more on lessons

Which leads to another way to save on golf, too! Instead of the kids receiving physical gifts, like a set of golf clubs, or golf gloves, or tees, or golf balls…. ask relatives to give gift certificates for lessons from local golf pros! Amazing gift, saves mom and dad money, and once again, those relatives will be rockstars with awesome gifts!

Where there’s a will, there’s a way, friends. Always.

Will my kids make it into The Masters Tournament in the future? I doubt it, but let them have fun, and bond with daddy, and perhaps one day play for their schools, and universities. Who knows, Little Miss could totally score herself a scholarship, right?

The Masters Tournament definitely marks the beginning of the golf season for my little sunflowers, and I couldn’t be happier to get them back out there, with their new clubs, tees, golf balls, and daddy!

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