Merry Christmas, Happy New Year: wrapping up another eventful year

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year. It’s time to wrap another eventful year here on November Sunflower. As twenty ten is winding down, reviewing the events of my year bring great excitement for the future. However, it bubbles up sadness from the loss of a wonderful cousin. She left this world way too young, way too fast and way before her time here was complete.

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year

Let’s wrap it up: Merry Christmas, Happy New Year

Sad and sudden loss in 2010

Reflecting on my cousin, she left behind a fantastic legacy in Bayport: her kids, grandkids and her amazing zest for finding families “a home” of their own. She did it for me, just not in Bayport. I don’t want to tear up, so I ask you to read my post about it here –> Deborah Giglio

Happier moments in 2010

Little Miss

Even with such a big loss, 2010 proved to be a wonderful year for happy things, too. My daughter started school. Though we thought she’d never adjust, she’s thriving;,loving her teachers; and, making friends. When she isn’t feeling well, when I ask her if she needs to stay home, she says “NO MOMMY, I have to go to school.” A huge difference from the first couple of weeks when she attached herself to my leg, cried and would still be crying after I waved from the window with her little brother. She’s still shy, but by the end of the year, I’m sure she’ll be the Queen of PreK.

The Boy

With my daughter at school just a few hours a day, my son has begun to talk more. Frankly, I thought something might be wrong with him. At a younger age, his big sister was having conversations. Apparently, all he needed: the OPPORTUNITY to speak, without his big sister chiming in. He’s come a long way since she started school. I enjoy our time alone. He’s a funny child; is ticklish; and when he likes something a lot, he asks over and over “a-gain, a-gain”.

Forward movement

The last few months have been a whirlwind. I’ve been on TV. My family and I filmed a piece for FiOS. Unfortunately, if you don’t have FiOS, you can’t see anything from their news channel. Even though I didn’t see the finished product, it was a fun experience. We learned about picky eaters, and we’ve been progressing with both children’s eating habits.

I also got the chance to be on a talk show. It was just a little segment, nothing huge.

CBS News came calling after I did a little piece with Smart Money with Kelli Grant –> Smart Money. They wanted to find out more about my ability to spend just $30 on Christmas Gifts this year. I welcomed them into my home, told them how I did it all and they managed to botch it up. Oh well, that’s TV.

It was meant to be an informative piece. However, it ended up not as informative as it should have been. Something good did come of it. CBS News Chicago asked if they could do a more accurate piece for their local news. I agreed, with some hesitation. Chicago did a better job of getting the accurate story across, however, they didn’t share my website, NOR did they spell my last name right.

Now I understand why people on reality shows get annoyed with how the show is edited. It’s never done as accurately as it should be done. Getting my last name wrong, it’s supremely insulting.

More loss

Recently, my sister and her family lost their beloved Pug, Ripley Boy. Ripley Boy started off an entire “wave” of pug lovers. We call all our pug runs by his signature run, The Ripley Run. Every one of them tucks their little back legs in when they run, sort of like a bunny rabbit. Rip around fast as lightning. He was well over 14 years old, and battled Cancer for a couple of years. It was time to let him go, forever altering our family.

It’s our first holiday without him, it won’t be easy to enter my sister’s home and not have Ripley Boy shooting straight over to his treats jar for a “welcome to my house, now give me a treat” treat. For those without pets, you probably don’t understand how people like us feel about our “pets.” To us, these little creatures become family. Ripley Boy, you will be missed, forever.

Twenty ten is almost over

All-in-all it’s been an amazing year. I hope November Sunflower keeps reaching more and more people; helping more and more people; and maybe, one day, I can do my own show! You never know. Perhaps on the radio, because seeing myself on TV not something I look forward to.

Many others have allowed me to write a little post here and there, or have a monthly spot on their site. It’s such an honor to know my ideas are valued. There’s more people out there like me, who love to find quality for their money! Check out where I’ve been, who has allowed me to share the spotlight through their blog, or news story –> As Seen In

Happiest of holidays and have a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year everyone.

Thank you all for making 2010 an amazing year!

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