Salute to Style: The Ultimate Guide to Build Your Military Apparel Wardrobe

Military style is trending in fashion; everyone wants to add a touch of army green, navy blue, or olive to their wardrobe.

military apparelBuild Your Military Apparel Wardrobe

Whether you want to pay tribute to those who serve or add some edge to your outfits, incorporating military-inspired pieces is a great way to update your look.

This guide will give you tips on building a military apparel wardrobe you can feel confident in. From durable basics to tailored separates, you’ll learn how to weave these pieces into your unique style.

Start with Quality Staples

Invest in well-made essentials that will last through time when building your military wardrobe. Opt for simple tees, pants, and jackets in hardwearing cotton, twill, and canvas fabrics.

These neutral layering pieces form the backbone of any collection. When shopping for tees, look for soft fabrics that maintain their shape wash after wash.

Cargo pants allow you to store all your daily essentials in ample pockets. A classic bomber jacket protects from the elements while maintaining a stylish silhouette.

Quality military apparel basics are worth spending a bit extra on, as they will serve you for years when properly cared for.

Camouflage Yourself Strategically

When working on camouflage prints in your wardrobe, less is more. While combat camo can make a bold statement, wearing head-to-toe patterns risks looking like you’re prepping for an army training exercise rather than a day out.

Opt for one camouflage piece per outfit in a subtle earth tone like olive drab or forest green. These muted shades blend seamlessly with other neutrals without overwhelming your ensemble.

Button-down shirts and lightweight jackets allow you to enjoy the print while keeping your silhouette sleek. Pair with chinos, jeans, or a skirt in a complementary color.

Complete the look with tan or olive green accessories like a belt, hat, or boots. Let the camouflage be the highlight rather than competing with other bold prints or patterns. Subtle uses of camo elevate your style without veering into costume territory.

Add Tactical Details

Military-inspired functional elements like cargo pockets, zippers, and tactical straps add interest while keeping gear conveniently organized.

Cargo pants allow you to carry all essentials in multiple pockets without bulking up your silhouette. Opt for styles in versatile colors like olive, khaki, or navy that pair with various tops.

Look for jackets with zippered pockets and adjustable straps that allow ventilation in variable climates. Nylon and leather materials stand up to wear and tear from active lifestyles.

Epaulettes on shirts and blazers reference military structure in a sleek, tailored way. Whether dashing through the city or hiking on weekends, these tactical touches keep you prepared in style.

Go for Gold in Buttons and Hardware

Shiny gold-toned details instantly evoke a sense of tradition and refinement. Incorporate gold-plated buttons, zippers, and studs to elevate basics. The hardware references military regalia on shirts, adding just the right sparkle.

Pair button-downs with chinos or jeans rolled at the ankle for a polished casual weekend look. On blazers and coats, gold accents provide a dash of luxury. Wear over sheath dresses, skirts, or slacks for a pulled-together work outfit.

Let the hardware shine by keeping other outfit elements muted in black, grey, cream, or olive. This slight touch can transform simple silhouettes into more polished and put-together.

Embrace Olive Everything

Olive green, one of the most versatile greens, seamlessly blends military inspiration with everyday style. Reach for olive chinos, turtlenecks, jackets, and even accessories like hats, scarves, and gloves. The shade pairs beautifully with black, grey, cream, and navy neutrals.

Layer olive tops under blazers or cardigans in variable weather. Opt for textures like soft knits, leather, or suede to take layered looks from day to night. Olive is a wardrobe workhorse that flatters most skin tones without looking harsh. Stock up on olive basics to stay looking put-together through multiple seasons.

Go for that Aviator Aesthetic

Channel retro military glamour with aviator-inspired pieces. For a flattering silhouette, bomber-style jackets in buttery leather or suede hug curves with a nipped-in waist. Layer over dresses with tights and boots or pair with jeans and a tee on laidback days.

Don’t forget the shades – rectangular frames with amber or grey lenses protect peepers in style. Complete the look with a newsboy cap to keep hair neatly tucked away from the elements. Leather gloves in shades like burgundy or olive provide functionality and vintage flair.

Whether soaring through the friendly skies or strolling the city streets, this aesthetic keeps you looking effortlessly cool.

Make it Mod with Monochrome

Military-inspired monochrome looks exude modern sophistication. Opt for matching separates in versatile solid colors like olive, navy, or army green. Sleek trousers paired with a coordinating blazer create a polished uniform effect.

Add shine with gold-toned buttons or zippers for subtle military flair. Neutrals like black, beige, and cream also work when mixing hues. Monochrome outfits pull the eye seamlessly through without competing patterns. Sleek and streamlined, this approach to military style keeps you looking polished and put-together, whether at the office or out on the town.


Whether showing respect, adding edge, or following trends, incorporating military apparel is a great way to evolve your look.

Focus on quality materials, classic silhouettes, and versatile hues that seamlessly blend military references with your style. Whether incorporating a single statement piece or building a cohesive collection, these looks allow you to pay homage to tradition while staying on-trend.

A wardrobe with army green, navy, and olive touches creates structure while feeling fresh. Now, you have the tools to weave military influences into your signature style for seasons.

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