Modern kitchen appliances: Cafe Matte Collection at Best Buy

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A beautiful modern kitchen filled with modern kitchen appliances – it’s been a dream since I moved into my home MANY years ago. I have a distinct personality. Why can’t my kitchen reflect my uniqueness? I say bring me all the appliances in GE’s Cafe Matte Collection at Best Buy.
modern kitchen appliances

Modern kitchen appliances Distinct by Design

It’s a known fact, cleaning isn’t my specialty. Cooking, either. However, lately cooking has weaseled its way into my life. I blame the kids. We’re always watching cooking shows on television, so my little sunflowers actually believe cooking is FUN. Who am I to crush their spirit, right?
Our issue? A totally outdated kitchen. Old appliances, YUCK. Honestly, the house has the same oven from the 60s. Not even kidding. Sad, I know. We’re overdue for a kitchen update. Beyond the budget holding me back, I’m not a stainless steel appliance fan. Having no money benefitted me in the long run, though! I didn’t spend money I didn’t have on appliances I wasn’t in love with. Now? It’s time to explore all GE offers in the Cafe Matte Collection at Best Buy.
Cafe Matte Collection at Best Buy

Cafe Matte Collection by GE

White. It’s a color I avoid. However, lately, I see why so many love white. It’s crisp, and bright. Even if it is a bit difficult to keep clean, white’s grown on me. Since decluttering the house, and my life, white speaks to me a little louder than it used to. Or, I’m not ignoring it when it talks to me. Who knows. White isn’t all bad.
My plans for my kitchen requires white upper cabinets, with a bright color on the bottom. Honestly, it just looks better with white appliance. Pains me to admit how pretty the white looks, but what hurts less is knowing there are appliances that work with my tastes. Shiny appliances irk me. I prefer the look of the Matte White options GE offers in the Cafe Matte Collection at Best Buy.
GE didn’t forget all the important appliances:
  • Cooktop
  • Double Wall Oven
  • French Door Refrigerator
  • Dishwasher

Check out all of the Cafe Matte Collection at Best BuySo many options in both black and white, along with a variety of options for knobs and handles! Love the silver with white. I never thought I’d hear myself say YES to white appliances, but here we are. 

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