Nerium International helped my acne scars fade

Disclosure: I received on bottle of the night cream, and one bottle of the new day cream, in order to facilitate this review. All opinions are 100 PERCENT MINE. It’s how I do things here!

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I never had issues with my skin during puberty, or throughout high school. I had the occasional pimple, but no acne problems. I went clear into my twenties without issues…..and then all of a sudden, overnight, I got acne. I had no clue what the heck to do, or how to deal with it, and I ended up with a lot of scarring from years of trying to get it under control. Once it was under control, I still had all the scars, and discoloration. I spent the next 7 years trying to find things that would get rid of the scarring, or at least help it fade. Well, in September of 2013, I found NeriumAD at an event I attended. Nerium International helped my acne scars fade. QUICKLY.

I’ve been fairly lucky in the wrinkle department. Once I started using the Oil Cleaning Method on my face, the wrinkle issues seem to hold off a bit. Sure, I’ve got the little stuff that anyone in their 30s would have. I just had the major issues of an age spot, and the acne scarring, with my face. Many women can cover this up with make-up. Well, this woman right here, she doesn’t wear make-up. At least not on a daily basis. I wear it when I have to go out for a wedding, or perhaps when I’m on television, or attending a red carpet event. On the regular? Nope. Never got into it, and I’m too lazy. Which leads me to one of the main reasons I love NeriumAD Night and Day lotions.

Who has the time for a skin care system?

I have no time for a skin care system, with five steps: cleanser, toner, serum, eye cream, day or night cream. Heck, some systems have more steps! I want to get my face clean, and slap on lotion. End. Of. Story. NeriumAD makes it possible for me to do this at night, and in the morning. Each morning I do my Oil Cleaning Method to cleanse my face. After I clean my face, I take a little sunblock and my NeriumAD Day Cream, mix them in the palm of my hand, and it goes right onto my face. PERFECTION. The only thing that will make the day cream even better? When they add the sunscreen right into the cream, it’ll save me from having to buy the sunscreen, and the extra step!

In the evenings, I cleanse using my Oil Cleaning Method again, and then I use the Night Cream from NeriumAD. No sunscreen needed. So it’s two steps. CLEAN, dab dry (works best if you have a little bit of dampness on your face) and APPLY LOTION. The night cream feels like silk going on, and then it kind of “tightens” on my face. In the morning, when you rinse it off, your skin feels like silk.

If I had to choose which one to buy, I ‘d go with the Night Cream. It helped fade my acne scars within two weeks of using it. TWO WEEKS. I had been trying everything you could possibly imagine to fade these scars on my face. Homemade items, organic items, high end salon items……NOTHING helped the scars. They laughed at me, mocked me, and stuck around taunting me every time I looked in the mirror.

What is NeriumAD?

It’s two creams made out of an extract from the Nerium oleander plant. The extract has antioxidant properties, which help address a few different skin concerns: wrinkles, discoloration, and texture. Does it help with wrinkles? I didn’t have much to work with on this front (THANKFULLY.) Does it help with discoloration and texture? HELL YES it does. My skin has never looked this good before.

When I have used other skin care systems in that past, I’ve never been happy with the products. At least one product makes my skin red, and makes it feel like it is burning. I can’t even tell you how some of them make my eye twitch. The doctor still has no idea what ingredient is the same in every product I have tried these past years that causes my eye to twitch. As soon as I stop using the products, the twitch stops.

With NeriumAD products, I don’t have the twitch. I don’t have any red irritations all over my face. I don’t even have the burning sensation on my skin.

No Parabens, and that’s not all it’s “missing”

NeriumAD’s main ingredient is NAE-8 extract, which is right from the Nerium oleander plant. It doesn’t have any kind of paraben, no gluten, no phthalates, no propylene glycol, no mineral oil, no sulfates, no DEO, no GMO, and no synthetic color! It’s also fragrance free!!!

You do not have to “sell it,” you can just buy NeriumAD. When you’re a preferred customer you can get the product at a lower price. I am not a member of Nerium International, I just love their products!

Saves time, Reduces the scarring

The fact that it saves me time every day, it makes it totally worth it. All the other systems out there that fight aging, but honestly never helped my acne scarring, took at least 5 different steps. Plus, in between certain steps, I had to wait a few minutes before the next step could be done. WHO HAS TIME FOR THAT? I know I don’t. NeriumAD gets me done, and out the door in the mornings. At night, it’s done in seconds, and I’m ready to hit the hay. No steps to follow. It’s a two thumbs up for me.

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