Never too young to learn about The Power of the Heart

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power of the heart

Have you been following me on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter? If so, you know I’m reading The Power of the Heart. When I started reading it, I thought to myself “DAMN. Why didn’t my parents have a book like this when I was younger.” Seriously, you’re never too young to learn about The Power of the Heart. A light bulb went off in my head: DUMB ASS. You should be spending time reading this to your kids. Little Miss would listen, The Boy would sort of listen. I figured at least one kid would benefit from it, and we’d try again with the other one when he was a little older. Our new “before bedtime reading” became The Power of the Heart.

Never too young to learn about The Power of the Heart

What happens to most adults

Growing up is inevitable for many. Becoming an adult sometimes makes our hearts hard, and we start to listen more to our “mind” rather than our heart. As adults we go to work, make money, and come home and spend time in front of the television. Yes, we may spend a few minutes with our kids at the dinner table, or sitting around watching television, but for the most part – work just drains us. All we want to do is sit. Do nothing. Interact with no one. Just make it through the day without losing our minds.

It’s important to remember:

  • people come first
  • then money
  • and, far behind those two, all “the things”

Our world seems to put “all the things” first. What’s that mean? It means shoving people to the bottom of the totem pole, because we’re working to make money.

Why does all of this happen to adults

Trust me. I understand it’s hard. My children tell me I’m an adult. Everyone is guilty of “living an adult life.” We have to make money, because we have bills to pay, mortgages to cover, and car payments to keep up with. There’s medical insurance we’re responsible for, kids’ activities that require payments, so they have “well-rounded” childhood experiences. Our need to survive causes us to forget what our heart wants, because every last one of us gets lost in the day-to-day. Some people don’t forget, they never listened to their hearts to know what it truly wanted.

What does the heart want?

Is it money?

Oh my heart…. I’m not sure I ever really knew what my heart wanted. It was never easy to hear it scream out for what it needed. Success was always something along the lines of money. Throughout life, the message I received: unless you have money, you’re not successful. Sad, but true. The ideal, based on my un-bringing, was to have money. However, it was never made clear to me, all the nonsense those people with money dealt with in order to have money. Instead of being driven by money, what I really needed was to be driven by excellence. Find what I loved, and just kick-ass at it.

Nope, it isn’t money!

Being a mom, that’s what I’m good at. I run a tight ship here at our home filled with Scorpio babies! There’s a lot of love, there’s a lot of yelling, there’s a lot of dirty dishes, and sticky floors. We’re a united front, and we’re just a stronger unit when we’re together. We’re not perfect, but we are a family of misfits. I’m the captain of the misfits, otherwise known as THE MOM. I’m complimented almost every day on how lovely my kids behave, and how good they are to the friends around them. SCORE for me. It means I’m doing this right!

Being a writer. It’s the “job” I do well, and aspire to be excellent at. Is my grammar perfect, heck now. Do I spell everything right? That’s what spell check is for! I write with passion, and gusto. Plus, I write so people want to read more. I have fun here at November Sunflower, and I’m excellent at it. There’s no one else like me on this worldwide web, and I’m happy I’ve made my mark! My heart fills with joy when readers come back for more. Now if I could just make a bit more money doing this whole writing thing, my heart would really be happy – KIDDING. Well, sort of. I live on Long Island, so money would be nice. However, it doesn’t reign over my life. It did for a long time, but now? Not so much.

What I want for my kids

Reading The Power of the Heart to the kids is a great way to spend time together. Yes, we curl up in my bed, and I read. Little Miss asks a few questions, The Boy usually gets bored within minutes. However, what I want the kids to hear over and over is the message that the heart is really all you want to listen to for the big decisions in life. Your head isn’t always going to hear what your heart is telling it. If you stray away from that powerhouse heart, life gets muddy. Happy days are few, and far between.

I want the messages of the book to resonate with my kids: being mindful, showing gratitude, being able to forgive, relationships are important and so much more. There are just so many messages in this book. It’s not a long book, but it’s a powerful and beautiful book. Teenagers should read this as they gear up to enter college, and have to start making life-changing decisions. It might just be the perfect holiday gift for EVERYONE this year!

You can buy it on Amazon.

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