NovemberSunflower.com’s Summer Hiatus

It’s time for a summer hiatus. (Summer officially ends September 22nd.) Many loyal readers know I started NovemberSunflower.com after giving birth to my second child, The Boy. I’ve often spoken about leaving my Marketing Career in order to focus on being mom to my two sunflowers. It sucked returning to work after my first-born, Little Miss arrived. I missed much of her first years of life. I didn’t want to miss more of her life, nor the first years of my son’s life. However, mama still needed to earn money living here on Long Island!

novembesunflower.com taking summer hiatus

NovemberSunflower.com on Summer Hiatus

NovembeSunflower.com was born in 2009 and it’s been non-stop for 12 years. Soooooo, I’ve decided to step away from all of the hoopla to spend quality time with my children, and also work on a few projects that I’ve put on the back burner for far too long – one of them is my Salty and Sweet Journals, and my Badass Shoppers Online Course teaching people the best online shopping strategies I have curated over the last 13 years!

During my break, me, my kids and fur babies will be traveling and doing home improvements, along with my work on my professional projects – and more than likely I’ll have plenty to share upon my return. I’ll also be sharing over on my Instagram. You can find me there – my Instagram username is @novsunflower.

If you want to help my small business, continue supporting me by reading my published work right here on NovemberSunflower.com, as well as shopping at some of my favorite online stores using my referral links.

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