Sometimes You Have to Go Outside Your Known Niche

I’m diverse. My audience is diverse. So I’m saying this without any shame: fuck the concept of the niche! Well, not always. You definitely need to know your audience, know what they want, and stick to your known niche. However, sometimes it’s quite okay to go outside the niche and dip your toes into a new body of water.

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Dipping my toes outside my Known Niche

We’re told we must niche down and pick one audience we can appeal to. Rubbish! I’ve many interests and I’m breaking out of the cage. I love saving money and I’m also an avid reader and extremely passionate about writing. Why can’t I appeal to all of these same kinds of people?

Everyone knows I’m a mom, but Im also a business owner. I can share about my experiences as a parent, along with being a business owner. I live in New York, but I travel all over – why can’t I share about my life on Long Island along with my travel adventures?

So, screw niches! I’m November Sunflower – and I’m the woman behind not only my online publication you’re currently reading, but I’m also the creator, designer, and owner of the unique keepsake journals with a bit of attitude, Salty & Sweet Journals. And, I’m also developing a killer “Badass Shoppers” online course to teach everyone interested in learning how to spend less money when they shop online and in brick & mortar stores. I mean, it’s how NovemberSunflower.com started 13 years ago. CBS News did multiple stories on me and my skills!

Salty & Sweet Keepsake Journals

It’s true, NovemberSunflower.com is meant for a specific audience – those who want solid tips and information that helps them live their best life even in the midst of stress and chaos happening around them. We’re all about thriving, not just surviving, through life’s struggles. However, if you really think about it…. journaling is one of the best ways to work through stress, right?

Salty & Sweet Journals provide not just a great way to capture some great memories, but they’re also amazing ways to work through some stresses and struggles when living through some of our most stressful life situations: having a baby, getting married, and getting a pet. So even though it isn’t my main niche, it does tie in with all of you out there!

Introducing My Unique Journals

I’m super proud to announce the arrival of the journals I have:

  • designed all on my own
  • found a printer to drop ship them to customers
  • built a website to sell them through

Please head over to Salty & Sweet Journals to learn more about them, as well as order them today – when you sign up for the newsletter, you’ll even get a HUGE one-time discount on your first purchase. Wooohoooo. Enter at your own risk right here.

Feels scary taking the plunge – but it’s been in the works since 2016 and after so many starts and stops, I’m putting myself out there and taking the chance you’ll all love what I’ve created and see just how amazing these journals are for yourself, and your loved ones!

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