A Weekday Valentine’s Day Movie Marathon Celebration

Usually, when Valentine’s Day falls on a weekend it’s a big “going out to celebrate” kind of day. However, when it falls during the week, this might not be the case for many people. Another option? Ordering in (or cooking at home) and having a Valentine’s Day Movie Marathon.

valentine's day movie marathon

Top 6 Valentine’s Day Movie Marathon Movie Picks

The best movie marathons include at least one 80s Classic, and a whole lot of action (like car chase action), crying and laughing!

This Means War

Two of the best-looking actors in one movie? Yes, please. Plus, there’s something for those who like a bit of comedy, and those who like a bit of action. Not like “action” wink, wink. But actual shit blowing up, and car chase action.

Sleeping with Other People

A well-done movie telling the story of when people try to make something platonic work, when clearly they’re meant to be together. One of my favorite Jason Sudeikis movies, and Alison Brie is comedy gold in this one.

The Proposal

All you need to know is this: Ryan Reynolds shows off quite a bit of himself in this one! Plus, it’s funny AF and who doesn’t love Sandra Bullock?

One Day

Each year, on the 15th of July, two friends unite no matter what’s happening in their lives. Anne Hathaway is pretty damn good in this one, but make sure you have a box of tissues handy whilst watching. It’s going to bring out some tears, for sure.

Say Anything

Classic 80s romantic comedy! Listen, I grew up in the 80s watching John Cusack movies along with tons of other classic 80s movies. If Cusack doesn’t do it for you, try Some Kind of Wonderful with Eric Stoltz. Equally awesome, and true love finds a way to make it all work out in the end!

Book Club

You can’t go wrong with Diane Keaton, Jane Fonda, Candice Bergen, and Mary Steenburgen in one movie. Plus, the book they discuss in the movie is 50 Shades of Grey. HELLO????? The comedy geniuses packed into this movie means laughing until your stomach aches.

Always mix up your Valentine’s Day movie marathon so you start with an adrenaline rush, and end with laughter! And, of course, have great food, snacks, and drinks readily available.

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