Perfect game when traveling this summer is This or That?

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Who wants to get the perfect game to play when traveling this summer? You could be planning a car trip, or a trip that requires an airplane flight. It doesn’t matter what kind of family traveling you’re doing, or even if you’ve got a trip planned with friends, the perfect game when traveling this summer is This or That? from Peaceable Kingdom. Of course, if you don’t really want to get to know your family, or friends, this won’t be the perfect game for you. However, I’m all about getting to know people on a more fun level. Don’t worry, there’s nothing TOO DEEP. It’s just silliness, and pure entertainment, I promise.

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Perfect game when traveling this summer is This or That?

My little sunflowers are fairly decent when we do car trips. We’ve done some long ones to Pennsylvania to places like Split Rock, and Hershey. It’s nice to have kids that can handle a long car ride. What both of the kids haven’t done is traveled by plane. We’re going to be doing that twice this summer. The last time Little Miss was on an airplane she was about 14 months old, and games weren’t going to help us back then. Trust me. Now the kids are are 8 and 6, and we need fun things to do on the plane this year.

Yes, the best entertainment is the tablet. However, for The Boy, his Kindle is basically on its way out. We’ve replaced the battery, but it still seems to not work properly. My iPad is very outdated, and I don’t have games on there for the kids to play during a long plane ride. Or any plane ride, long or short! My smart phone is used for business, and I don’t put games on it. It leaves us with limited options. We’ve got the Nintendo 3DS, and good old games that require us to interact with one another. WHAT??!!!!

Obviously, we can’t bring a board game onto the plane. Our best options are games that are easily transported, don’t take up a lot of room, and don’t require a game board. Are there games out there like this? Yup! Our top choice is This or That? It’s super cute, and it’s a great way to really get to know your family, or friends! What’s the game about? It’s about learning new things about the people closest to you!

What is This or That?

Here’s the low down on This or That?You have 2 to 8 players. It states they should be 10 years of age and older, however my 6 and 8 year old sunflowers love the game. If your kids can read, they can play the game. The game comes with 125 tokens, which have 250 questions on them. All the tokens are in a super cute bag, with a drawstring. Perfect size to jam into your carry-on for a plane ride!

Now, players take a token, read the two choices on the token. Once the token choices are read, everyone playing has to guess what the token holder would choose. The token holder then reveals which one is their favorite. It could be something super cute like “Sunflowers OR Roses?” If you know me at all, I think you’ll know which one I’d choose. Go ahead, take a moment to think about what my answer would be, I’ll wait……..

SUNFLOWERS, of course!!!

Since my kids are a little younger, some of the questions like “Free Will OR Fate?” can lead us to some interesting conversations. So the game isn’t just fun, it can incite some interesting dialogue! Anyway, all the other players have to guess which one you’d pick out of the two choices, and then you h

The trick to this game is that you HAVE to choose between the two options. To add a little spice to the game, there’s also twelve ALL PLAY TOKENS. The All Play Tokens are black, and when one is drawn, the question is read out loud and all the players have to answer the question, including the one who drew the token.

According to the rules, the game ends when every player has answered 5 This or That? questions. Hey, it’s a game, play for as long as you want! It’s fun, and sometimes the answers can surprise you. Give it a try! It’s not an expensive game, either. Click on the This or That? image, and order it through Amazon.com TODAY!

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