Photography workshops offered by Best Buy

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Photography workshops: best things offered at Best Buy stores. If you’re lucky enough to live in Tampa, Seattle, San Diego, Houston, Atlanta, Minneapolis, or New York city, you’ll love both the New Best Buy Photography Workshop tours (for intermediate photographers, and cost only $50,) or the FREE in-store workshops for beginners.
Photography Workshops at Best Buy

Beef up your photography skills at Best Buy’s photography workshops

On Saturday, July 28, 2018, Best Buy has photography workshops planned for not only beginners, but also new photography workshop tours for intermediate photographers. If your’e not familiar with Best Buy’s Camera Experience Shop, it’s basically equivalent to visiting a specialty camera store. It’s smack in the center of every Best Buy store. Experts are around helping photo enthusiasts, as well as those just starting out with a new camera.
Photography Workshop Tours with Best Buy

Best Buy’s half-day excursion photography tours

Now, for beginners, Best Buy offers FREE in-store workshops. I’ll share that info later on. Right now, however, this is for you intermediates! There’s NEW half-day excursion tours are $50. Sweet deal! I mean, for $50 you learn from pro photographers and the Best Buy Camera Experience Shop experts conducting four individual photo shoots.
Not only do participants learn photography skills, there’s lunch and a bag of camera goodies. Enter a Best Buy Gift Card giveaway when you share your photos on social media with the BestBuyPhotoWorkshops hashtag. Or, a dream photography package giveaway. It’s a total win-win for intermediates.

Best Buy’s FREE in-store photography workshops

Camera Experience Shop Experts give one-on-one help for beginners right in the store! If you’re a beginner and want to learn photography basics, as well as have a walk through of your camera’s settings, this is the workshop for you.
It’s only two hours long, and after learning the basics, you’ll want to join the upcoming Photography Workshop Tours happening on October 20, 2018, and again in January of 2019. Just make sure you sign up for notifications before leaving your in-store workshop. Best Buy will send out notifications when the registration for BOTH tours goes live.
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