Please enjoy this “day off” message

It’s Friday. I’m taking a day off.

The husband has been off all week, and honestly, I just didn’t plan my schedule very well. Normally I’m two weeks ahead of schedule with my writing, and I’ve been so busy this July, I didn’t get enough written and I haven’t had time to write all this week…….

Massive writing fail on my part.

I’m totally behind. I’m scrambling.

Sooooooooooo I’m taking a breather. One day off to re-charge a bit, without having to write a dang thing, except this apology for being a total FAILURE at blogging.

My plan is to catch up on some writing over the weekend after I enjoy a day with the family. Let’s see if I can accomplish it!

For now, enjoy a few photos of how we spent one of our days together as a family: Boomers on Long Island, and then a bit of swimming in Nana and Grandpa’s pool! Little Miss has had three swimming lessons so far, and is now swimming all on her own – no Puddle Jumper needed. Next? Mastering going under water without having to wipe the water out of our eyes IMMEDIATELY upon breaking the service of the water! We’ll get there!

Boomers on Long Island


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