Pockets are a girl’s best friend when flying

California here I come, and I’m flying with a carry-on, a personal bag, and a jacket full of pockets! Pockets are a girls best friend. (SEO dictates I spell that incorrectly, it should be girl’s, I know. Bear with me.) I bet you thought diamonds were a girl’s best friend. Normally, with me, they totally are. However, pockets are a girl’s best friend when flying on an airplane, and you’re not checking any luggage. It’s just a girl, a carry-on, a personal bag, and a jacket. Not just any jacket, though. A Scottevest jacket with SEVENTEEN POCKETS of wonder, and delight.

Pockets are a girls best friend when flying

Traveling with less luggage

When normal people go away for a week, and head from one coast to another, there’s usually a checked bag in the mix. How can anyone pack for a week-long trip, with just a carry-on for the plane? It’s insanity. However, it’s what this girl’s doing! I’m heading to Anaheim, California.

Getting through the long flight, you know, once I’ve gotten on the second leg of the flight (UGH-hate having to do layovers,) requires lots of comforts from home. My iPad, favorite chapstick, favorite pen, and of course, my smartphone. Lots of music will be required, because music just lifts me up to a happier place, even when I’m stressed. I’ve loaded up the iPad, as well as my iPod, with lots of upbeat music to make the time go faster while flying. The luxury of having inflight WiFi will be helpful, as well!

Where the hell am I going to put it all? My POCKETS! Hell yeah, my pockets! I searched high and low, all over the internet, to find the perfect personal bag. However, the personal bag won’t hold everything. Sure, it’ll handle my camera charger and myCharge for my phone, as well as, my iPad. However, I’m not putting my wallet, and phone in there! Those need to stick on me like glue. However, the winter coat would be way too heavy to wear to California. So, say hello to my little friend, Lola….

Pockets are a girl's best friend when flying

SeV Lola Jacket, because pockets are a girls best friend

Lola. She’s beautiful. She’s the color Rhapsody, and she’s going to make my life so much easier. I’d marry Lola if I could. I figured I couldn’t be the only one who loves some major pocket action in my coat! I found a ton of different options, but none of them stood out like Lola.

What drew me to Lola, beyond the gorgeous color and pockets, was how lightweight it was. It’s a puffer jacket, but it’s not really bulky. Even with stuff in the pockets, it distributes the weight properly, and never feels heavy. After putting my iPad in the inside pocket (without its cover,) along with my iPod in another inside pocket with ear buds, plus a pair of shades in another inside pocket – it felt like I wasn’t weighed down with anything.

I’ve even got two zippered pockets for the outside, for that hand sanitizer I’ll need (it’s wipes, not liquid.) I’m still in awe that a regular sized iPad fits into the coat pocket.

Fly with pockets for more storageThe many things that fit inside of Lola

Depending on what sized jacket one buys, a regular sized iPad can fit into one of the interior pockets. If you purchase a small sized jacket, a mini iPad fits into the interior pocket. If you’re not sure which pocket fits what, each pocket has a little tag on it that shows what should go into the pocket. Even the sunglasses pocket, beyond having the tiny tag to let you know “hey, the sunglasses go here,” it has a cleaning cloth attached with a cord inside the pocket. LOVE IT.

The attention to detail is awesome. The quality of the jacket is amazing. I had a little trouble with the zipper, but that’s because the little end of the zipper wasn’t in the zipper part far enough. Totally my fault, I was in such a rush I wasn’t paying attention. Total operator error.

Customer Service reigns supreme

I’m big on good customer service. I truly believe when a brand treats customers well, customers will continue to buy from said brand. Money is tight for most people, however if customer service is top notch, many people will pay a little extra to get the quality item, as well as the superior customer service experience.

Scottevest has amazing customer service, even before you’re a customer! When you head to their website, www.scottevest.com and start shopping around, after a little bit of time a customer service pop up screen will appear. There’s a person on the other end of that screen asking if you’re in need of any assistance. My customer service guy was Scott G. I even joked with him about being named Scott. Asked if it’s a requirement to work at Scottevest…..he had a sense of humor, and also answered all of my questions about returns, and sizes, and pockets.

I was in the process of doing a few things at one time, and left the website for a couple of minutes. I heard a little jingle from my computer, and realized it was Scott G. on the website asking if I needed any help. As soon as that happened, I knew I was going to place my order with Scottevest.

Customer service, quality product, and since I signed up for their emails, I had scored a coupon for 20% off my first purchase with the website.

Plus, I got the coat in record time after I placed my order. Another bonus. I can’t wait to fly across the country with Lola……

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