Point Earning Basics: Ways you can earn on iRazoo


Every single solitary time I tell someone about iRazoo, they look at me as if they want to say “Bless you,” because they think I’ve just sneezed. They aren’t quite sure what the hell kind of reaction to have. It’s comical, but it’s definitely something you can say “bless you,” since really, it’s a rather fabulous site and the “bless you” becomes a whole different meaning after people hear about what the site can do for them! Either way, I’m cool with the blessing. I take what I can get!

One of the easiest sites to rack up points quickly is iRazoo. Why? Because of the variety of things you can do, plus the fast paced way to earn passive points from referrals. YES, referrals. No need to have a blog to refer people, just need a spot to share your newly found love of iRazoo! Let’s share the easiest, and fastest, ways to earn points right now!

Watching Videos is pure gold

With iRazoo there’s NO LIMIT on how many videos you can watch each day. Every video is worth one point. There are a TON of videos to choose from, too. Sports, fitness, food, life tips, music and a ton more. Watch, earn, watch, earn…..and keep doing it all day, every day, for as many points as you want. SA-WEET.

Visiting the OFFERS page every day

Just for VISITING the offers page, you get points. It’s every day, and it’s automatic. You don’t have to open a darn offer, or look at anything on the page, just VISIT the offers page. A message written in red will appear at the top of the page to let you know you’ve earned the points.

Doing Offers on the Offers page

The offers are sectioned out by the partner site. I hit Radium One a lot, because they have great little videos to watch. I love the Priceline ones with William Shatner and Kaley Cuoco. However, there are a ton of free offers to choose from, so go there and look through each tab to find some free ones you can score some points with!


Yes, that’s right. Internet searches will win you points once in a while. So do it, might as well. Got nothing to lose, everything to earn.


You can play any of the games on the site, earn one point per game you play. The only thing is, there’s a limit of 10 games per day. But hey, it’s a fast 10 points every day, right? Just think long term…..10 points times 365 days. You get what I’m saying!



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