Point Earning Basics with Points2Shop

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Out with the sister site, Cashle, in with just the main site Points2Shop. How’s it working out? FANTASTICALLY. The points can be earned, and redeemed, for cash. What’s not to love?

However, how do you earn these points? Even better, how do you earn straight CASH on the site? It’s super easy, and you’ll love it. I’m pretty “new” to Points2Shop, so I’m going to give you a couple of the ways I like to earn on the site…….FOR NOW. I’m sure in the future I’ll have plenty more!

Earn straight cash

Head over to the EARN POINTS page. Scroll down to where it says Offers on the page, and you will find a little box that says Cash Offers. Go there, find the ones that interest you, and GO EARN CASH. I told you it was simple.

Earn points (to redeem for gift cards, and cash)

There’s a ton of ways to earn. All the usual suspects of surveys, offers, games, and videos. My favorite way to earn is to share the site with other people. Honestly. You get to earn up to $1.00 per referral. The amount is based on where your referral is from. It’s a four tier system. First tier, you earn $1.00 when you refer people from the US, or UK. The Second Tier has you earning about $.21 for those in countries like Canada, and then their are more Tiers after that. You can find all those tidbits on the site under the REFER OTHERS tab at the top of the home page. Click on that, and a fantastic wealth of information pops up. Very cool.

It doesn’t end there, though. You will also earn 15% of what your direct referrals earn. Even better? You will then earn 3% on the people they refer, and then 2% on the people they refer. It’s a three level system of earning.

It’s my absolute favorite way to earn with Points2Shop. I like having PASSIVE earning happening, because I can’t possibly earn all the points and cash I want without some help from my network, and my networks’ networks!

Use my referral link to sign up today, and you’ll be a part of my network. YAY. Then get your network going. No need to have a blog, just Facebook, or any other social media. Plus, you can put it in your signature of your emails. It’s rather cool.

Get the earning started as soon as you can, so you can earn all year long!

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