Powered by Duracell batteries

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powered by duracell #powertheholidays #sponsored #shespeaksWe recently had two birthdays up in this house. Yes. It’s how NovemberSunflower got half of its name: two babies in November. Two years and two days apart. Mommy didn’t plan that very well, but there’s no going back now! I’m not sure if you know this, but with birthdays come gifts. Gifts need batteries. All these gifts are powered by Duracell batteries! Long lasting batteries are necessary, as I hate replacing batteries. I can never find a screw driver, the kids are being obnoxious because the toy isn’t working and they want to play with it RIGHT NOW. I can’t take the stress. Duracell is always the first choice when new toys arrive in this house.

Powered by Duracell batteries

A battery that’s the #1 pick for first responders for their battery operated equipment is going to be my #1 pick for toys. If a first responder puts that kind of confidence into a battery, how can I not? It’s a no brainer! After my kids opened up all their birthday gifts after their birthday party, the first thing I did was take stock of which ones needed batteries. Once we had them all lined up, the hubby and I just got our screw drivers out and started opening backs of toys up and plopping Duracell into them. One-by-one, sort of like an assembly line.

It’ll be the same scenario on Christmas morning when all those toys under the tree need batteries, because every toy seems to need batteries. Not just one battery, but at least two, most often it’s that lucky four “AA” batteries required. Duracell comes in 4-packs, or 16-packs. Love how they think about the parents when packaging up their batteries, unlike the hot dog and hot dog bun industries. What is with them? Why can’t hot dog companies and hot dog bun companies work together to make packages with the SAME AMOUNT of each in their packages! Sorry, off topic, but you all know what I’m talking about. I’m not the only one who gets annoyed with the hot dog silliness.

Back to the topic on hand: Duracell! Look at the most favorite items that are powered by Duracell in our home right now.

powered by duracell #powertheholidays #sponsored

powered by duracall #powertheholidays #sponsored

Typical, right? Little girl in love with a stuffed pet, and little boy in love with his remote for a video game system. About two minutes after the photos were taken, both of them were fighting about the other one not sharing his/her toys. At least I know the batteries won’t let me down.

It’s time to stock up for the holidays! Buy up all the Duracell batteries you can over at Walmart while you can. As always, make sure to follow your favorite brand on Facebook. You never know when Duracell might share a little treat for Duracell Facebook Fans.

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