Endangered vehicles: the proper way to care for a classic car

If you see a classic car on the road, it captures the attention because it immediately stands out from today’s more generic styling. Prized cars are not necessarily old, but can also be rare—or, otherwise, endangered. You might be surprised, for instance, to learn that there are only 12 Toyota Cressidas left on the road. If you have a car that’s one of the last of its kind, you should take steps to preserve it.

Endangered Vehicles The Proper Way to Care for a Classic Car

Endangered vehicles: the proper way to care for a classic car

Give it a Wash and Wax

The visual appeal of any car is its sleek angles and polished finish, so it’s important to maintain the surface. Get the paint and body professionally restored if necessary, but regular washing and waxing is important. Dirt, debris and curious animals looking for a warm spot can scratch or dull the paint and chrome. Keeping the entire car clean and the surface polished will help protect it and increase the car’s appeal.

Maintain Fluids and Lubrication

Cars are designed to run optimally when antifreeze, transmission fluid, brake fluid, and oil are at the proper levels. Regular oil changes will help to keep the engine healthy. While you probably won’t be driving your rare car every day, it’s important to watch your fluid levels. Also, add a bit of the proper lubricant to hinges, springs, lug nuts, door and trunk locks, ignitions, battery terminals, and anything else subject to rust and corrosion.

Store it Properly

When you put your car away for any length of time, take a few sensible precautions. Fill the tank with premium gas and add a fuel stabilizer to protect the gas tank. Put a box of baking soda inside to avoid musty odors. Cover or stuff the exhaust with wire mesh or aluminum foil to keep out pests. Finally, remove the battery, and cover the car with canvas or cloth, not plastic car covers that can trap moisture.

Replace Worn Parts

Inevitably, when restoring a car or in the course of maintaining it, you’ll need replacement parts. For some of these vanishing models, ordering parts through your local auto store or dealer can be expensive and involve long waits. You’ll be better off locating a reputable online dealer, like Reggie’s Garage, that carries an extensive list of auto parts and supplies. You can do a quick search and have the part on its way with a few clicks.

Rare vehicles can be wonderful toys, passionate hobbies, or great investments. Getting full value means taking excellent care of them.

Author bio: Hannah Whittenly is a freelance writer and mother of two from Sacramento, CA. She enjoys kayaking and reading books by the lake.

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