Protecting cleats (and floors)

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protecting cleats and floors

Protecting cleats (and floors)

Little Miss plays lacrosse. The Boy? He’s into soccer. Little Miss plays lacrosse in the winter, spring and summer. The Boy plays soccer in the fall, and now, the Spring. It means cleats are a constant pain in the ass shoe selection in our home. We don’t have an off season for cleats. Lucky us. I’m also sure we’re not the only family with kids running around with cleats on all year long!

When Little Miss first started playing lacrosse, I didn’t realize walking around on cement, and my hardwood floors, actually damaged the cleats. I thought, selfishly, only of my floors, to be blunt. Shockingly, after learning the floors aren’t the only things suffering, I established a rule: no cleat wearing anywhere but on the field. It’s not like we have lacrosse cleat covers, or soccer cleat covers. Who’d ever heard of such a thing?

Broken rules

Mr. Sunflower ignored the rule with Little Miss and her lacrosse cleats. Once The Boy started playing soccer? Yup, broken again. Apparently, it was too much of a hassle having the kids wear regular sneakers to the fields, and change into cleats, and blah, blah, blah. It seems silly, but honestly, it’s a royal pain in the ass when no one listens to the rules. Even more of a pain the ass? Blatantly ignoring a rule. Fights breaking out over stupid cleats? What the what?

I always tell myself “pick your battles.” Instead of fighting about it, I found a solution that EVERYONE loved. My kids thought the solution was really cool. My husband didn’t have to struggle with worrying about changing from sneakers to cleats on the fields. Best part of all, I no longer worry about the damage to my floors. Oh, and the damage to the cleats, too.

So what was the solution for the cleats vs. the floors

Something so insanely simple, yet genius. Why didn’t I think of it first. Dang it. Cleatskins. Yes, a simple solution of cleat covers is keeping our family together. I’m kidding. We weren’t going to break apart the family over cleats, but it has taken a lot of bickering out of our sports routines! Plus, the backs of my car seats are happier, too. No more little cleats kicking into the front seats’ leather.

Such a simple solution of crafting flexible compression molded rubber to fit around the bottoms of cleated lacrosse footwear, and soccer cleats. PURE GENIUS. As I said, I wish I had come up with this idea so I could be making millions! It makes it so much easier when we have to run errands after games, or right before games. Kids can just throw the skins on the cleats, and we’re off. Snow? Ice? The skins are pretty dang good about grabbing, so there isn’t a lot of sliding!

My daughter has the lacrosse Cleatskins normally used for metal cleated sneakers. However, it works the same for the rubber cleats on her shoes. She’s got the Camo Gray ones in the photo above. Her cleats are actually rubber soccer cleats, because her foot isn’t big enough for a real lacrosse cleat. Go figure. Girls can start playing in Kindergarten, but no one has a lacrosse cleat to fit a child’s foot until they reach size 1. Poor Little Miss is still a size 12/13. What can I say, she’s petite! Damn cute, but petite.

There’s so many options for kids, and even more for adults. It’s insane, because now they’ve not just Cleatskins for cleated shoes, but also wrestling shoes, golf shoes, bike shoes, and more. GENIUS I tell you, GENIUS.

Sharing is caring when it comes to sports cleat covers

When Little Miss outgrows hers, she can pass them to her brother, at least for a couple of more years. Happy mom means happy kids, and a happy dad who doesn’t have to struggle with changing sneakers to cleats, and cleats back to sneakers, or listen to his wife nag him about not following the cleat rules!

Definitely check them out for your kids, for yourself, and for anyone who’s an athlete that wears cleats! Head over to Cleatskins and buy a pair before the soccer, and lacrosse, and any other sport seasons start! Go, now. What are you waiting for?!

Sorry, the link would help, wouldn’t it! Here it is –> Cleatskins.


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