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Disclosure Statement: NovemberSunflower.com is a small business. In order to survive, there's a need to make money. I love a lot of things, I share those things, and if I can make a little commission here, and there, I'm 100 percent going for it. Why should the brands I love be the only ones making money, right? Please, use my affiliate links within this post when placing your orders with the brand, or joining up with the brand. Your support is beyond appreciated!

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Running a website isn’t always something people understand as owning and operating a small business. I do not own a physical store, but I do run a small business out of my home. A home on Long Island, in the state of New York. I’m also an influencer on social media, and I teach small businesses how to manage their own social media once I audit their current digital marketing and social media voice. I have a lot of things I juggle, and having NovemberSunflower.com one way I support my children, and my fur babies.

On the website, I use affiliate links to help support my small business. I do not get paid from a news organization to run my website, and affiliate links are what pays the bills. Affiliate links are links that my readers and followers can click on, shop through, place orders through, etc. and it costs my readers and followers nothing. Often, when you use my referral and affiliate links, you actually can score some extra discounts.

What happens when all of you out there use my affiliate and referral links: you buy, order, etc. and the store/brand tracks that you came from my website, and I get a small percentage of the purchase (before taxes, of course). That’s it. Nothing crazy, but it supports my small business and creates income for me and my family. Pretty cool.

With that in mind, here’s a list of amazing stores and brands that I love, use, have used, have purchased, etc. and HAPPILY signed up to be an affiliate. Why not, right? I mean, if I share something with people I should get a little something, right? I know you feel me! Thanks for using my links and I appreciate that you want to support small business.

Support Small Business

Home/Home Improvements

Azuna Antibacterial Odor Eliminator

Force of Nature™ NON-TOXIC Cleaner and Deodorizer

Family Safe way to clean and deodorize.

As effective as bleach, but is a natural cleaner that can be used on sealed stone, glass, stainless steel, wood, laminate, porcelain, composite, grout, tile, plastic and rubber.


Zero VOC Paint for your home! All of the premium interior paints are Zero VOC and GREENGUARD Gold Certified. There’s also a lifetime Limited Warranty that covers against cracking, chipping, blistering, or peeling from properly prepared surfaces when used in accordance with the label instrucations.

Use my referral link and get $10 off your first $150+ paint order, which then earns me $10 for my next paint purchase. YAY. Here’s the Clare.com referral link.


Been doing major home improvements too my home, and since I have almost all hardwood floors everywhere – I use a lot of area rugs to make sure the floors aren’t damaged. It also warms up the rooms. Huge fan of Boutique Rugs for the quality, and the HUGE SALES they do throughout the year!

You can get $10 off your first order of $200+ with my referral link –> Boutique Rugs Referral

When you use my referral code, I also earn $10 cash towards my next purchase. SWEET! We all win with this one. They also have a rewards program, so when you spend money you earn points. You can redeem the points for different cash off on future purchases.

Mabel’s Labels




Leefy Organics

I’ve taken Turmeric for many years, but it has always been in pill form. My weight loss doctor mentioned switching to a liquid option, as it works better and faster. So I switched about three weeks ago and even with all of my skepticism, it worked.

It took me about three weeks to research the right liquid form, and landed on Leefy Organics because of the company’s ingredients, and multiple people giving it high marks on their reviews. I’m currently taking Prana, which combines Turmeric & Ginger. The Ginger gives it a little kick, but it’s not too bad. I have also added Nidra, which is a Tart Cherry. This one tastes a bit better than Prana, but neither is so awful I can’t deal – if you know what I mean.

I put two dropper fulls of Prana under my tongue each morning, leave it there for 20 seconds and then swallow it. At night, I do the same with Nidra. I’ve noticed a dramatic amount of pain relief in my neck, joints, back, and less headaches than usual. So I’m now hooked! And since I like what’s happening as I continue to take it, I signed up for the affiliate program so I can share it with others and earn some much-needed cash! It’s a win-win for everyone.

Definitely use my referral link to place your order today and every day –> Leefy Organics

Seed Daily Synbiotic

Use code Staci15 and receive 15% OFF your first month.

Hu Kitchen

Organic Chocolate Bars and Chocolate Gems (a.k.a. “chips”)

Healing Natural Oils

Get $5 off your first order


Au Naturale Cosmetics

Bold Vegan Mascara


Enova Cosmetics

Gel Polish Kits



Book hotels, and other travel on Booking.com.


RoamRight Travel Insurance

RoamRight travel insurance


Knockaround sunglasses – when you use my link you get $10 off your first order and I earn $10 towards a purchase. Pretty cool.



GrooveFunnels no credit card required

Everything you need to SELL products and services online. Takes the place of numerous other tools from various different companies. Use GrooveFunnels to sell unlimited products, build brand websites with full navigation, sell products with 1-Click upsells, start a membership site and much more! Right now you can get GroovePages and GrooveSell FREE for a limited time.

Deluxe Business Services


WP Engine

Migrate WordPress websites in just a few clicks.


iThemes Media 



Start LLC for $0 at IncFile



Create a Design in Minutes with our New Design Tool!


Bags and Bows by Deluxe



Pet Owners

Healthy Paws Pet Insurance




Pictures On Gold


US Jewelry Factory

20% off Spring Sale



I get a lot of odd looks from family and friends when I tell them how I shop on line! They think I’m nuts to visit various Cash Rebate Sites before I find the one with the best percentage for the store I am on the hunt for. Friends and family are FINALLY getting me! They understand. I guess being on TV got them interested!!!

I’m excited to share my way of shopping with all of you! Even if you roll your eyes at me, or think I’m crazy – at least now you can “secretly” love me and my method.

My goal is to give you guys what you want to read about, so if you have a specific store you want me to tackle, let me know. Have a rebate site you want me to delve further into, please ask! Want a particular product to be tackled? I’m happy to do it. Just leave me comments and let me know!

Delve into the CASH BACK SHOPPING:

Cash Back Shopping: Tax Services

Cash Back Shopping: Free Shipping
Cash Back Shopping: Patio Furniture (Free Shipping)
Cash Back Shopping: Shoes

Cash Back Shopping: Travel
Cash Back Shopping: Vacation

Cash Back Shopping: Valentine’s Day
Cash Back Shopping: Valentine’s Day for Him
Cash Back Shopping: President’s Day
Cash Back Shopping: 1-800-Flowers
Cash Back Shopping: Father’s Day

Cash Back Shopping: Buying Clearance for Next Winter
Cash Back Shopping: Buying Toys on Clearance
Cash Back Shopping: Buying Household Items on Clearance
Cash Back Shopping: Buying Clothing for the Ladies

Cash Rebate Shopping Series: Halloween Costumes
Cash Rebate Shopping Series: Halloween Party
Cash Rebate Shopping Series: Halloween Candy

Cash Rebate Shopping Series: “Having a Baby” Nursery
Cash Rebate Shopping Series: “Having a Baby” Necessities
Cash Rebate Shopping Series: “Having a Baby” Birth Announcements
Cash Rebate Shoppinag Series: “Having a Baby” Clothing

Cash Rebate Shopping Series: College Dorm Room Essentials
Cash Rebate Shopping Series: Collective Buying Websites
Cash Rebate Shopping Series: College Life Essentials
Cash Rebate Shopping Series: TEXTBOOKS
Cash Rebate Shopping Series: The “I Didn’t even think of that” College Items