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I had no clue that baby gear can be rented instead of lugging it with you on vacation! I’m not sure if you’ve all traveled with little ones. The last thing I want to do is take a full sized stroller on a plane. It’s a pain in the butt, trust me. Avoid the hassle, bring a little umbrella stroller for shuttling around the airport, or one of those things that turns a car seat into a stroller, and rent the larger one for your entire vacation!

Babies aren’t always comfy in a portable crib, you know the ones, they’re commonly referred to as a pack ‘n play. Kids want to feel comfy when they’re on vacation, too! Instead of bringing the silly pack ‘n play, rent the full size crib for your vacation!

Now when we had our little ones, we had a vibrating chair, and we had a swing. My daughter loved the little chair, so we could easily take that with us anywhere. My son? He was the swing lover. If we had to travel anywhere, he’d miss that thing, and we’d all pay the price for it. If I could have rented a swing, I would have. Now I know, but the kid’s out of the swing now! Oh well, at least you guys are aware of it, now!

I just stumbled across Hamptons Baby Gear. It’s located on Long Island, and it rents baby gear. I immediately thought it was awesome for people who travel, and they stay at a rented house. You can rent the baby gear, even something as simple as a step stool for the bathroom for your kids, so you aren’t packing it for the trip! A baby monitor, too. If you want to, you can rent a movement and sound monitor – very popular with parents who are fearful of SIDS.

It’s crazy how much stuff can be rented…..and as I looked through, I thought to myself, SELF – you’re selling all your stuff at consignment sales right now. What if you end up pregnant without planning it, and now you’ve got all the stuff to buy again? Who wants that kind of craziness? A better solution? Rent the stuff you’ll need. Babies go through stages. You’ll need a crib, monitor, and changing table for a short period of time. Rent it if you can swing it. Perhaps you can haggle with them if you’re going to do a long term rental, not just a couple of weeks, or months.

If you’re leaving your young ones for an extended period of time with your parents, they don’t have all of this at their home. They don’t want to stay at your house, because they’re more comfortable in their own home. You also want the kids to be comfortable, too. Rent all the stuff your parents will need while you’re away. GENIUS.

If you’re traveling and need a car seat, you can rent a car seat, or a booster seat. Even a travel system with the stroller! You can even find a baby gate on the site. So great for grandparents who might not have the grandkids all the time, but when they do, they need a baby gate. Amazingly convenient!

Here on Long Island, Hamptons Baby Gear deliver 362 days a year (Thanksgiving, Easter, and Christmas are holidays that they take off for.) They got Nassau, and Suffolk, even Shelter Island. Only they don’t do Fire Island……which is kind of losing a little of the allure. So many Long Islanders stay on Fire Island in the Summer. It’d be nice if they could get the stuff delivered.

Don’t forget, I’m always trying to find great deals, so I found out that they offer discounts and Buy One Get One Free deals to their email subscribers, and fans on Facebook!

I know, not all of you live on Long Island, but there are places like them ALL OVER THE COUNTRY. Even Hawaii! Check out all their partners in baby rentals!


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