Residual income can be a huge help in planning for your future finances

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The only time I wish I was about 10 years younger, is when I realize how amazing it would have been to be introduced to the best business structure in the world with the best company in the world with the business structure in place. Not all companies are created equal, if they were, everyone would find the one successful one and just copy it, over and over. I am super grateful to have been introduced to the best business structure in the world, with the best company in the world with the business structure in place, a couple of years ago.

I know that residual income can be a huge help in planning for your future finances. So, when I was single, and I was introduced to Direct Sales/Network Marketing, I thought “yup, this will work.” It was with a company that had been in business for many years. It was a great way to make extra money while I was single, and it was fun. However, once the “kit” got to be too much to lug around, and I didn’t feel like doing parties all the time, I decided it wasn’t for me. Not Network Marketing, but this particular business. A few years later, another company was introduced to me. I had the kids, I was home with them, and we had just moved into our new home on Long Island. The business plan seemed decent, but if I had really looked at it closer, I would have realized the breakaway plan and the four legs…..totally OLD SCHOOL and out of date. HOWEVER, the fact that they lied about their products being pure, safe, and beneficial, is what ultimately pushed me away. Plus, I lost a ton of money, as did MANY people who join up with the company.

It was not a loss though, as I met one of the most amazing women ever to enter the world of Network Marketing. She left the company, and started with another one, and after many months, I called her to find out more about the new company. Mostly because of my health, and this new one she was in was health centered. This time, before I signed up, I did my research on the products, and made sure on their website I could see all the ingredients of everything they sold. I looked at the compensation plan, and saw it wasn’t a breakaway plan. It was TWO LEGS, and it paid on EVERY PERSON SIGNED UP under me, whether I signed them up, or someone else signed them up.

The company was started by three people. A mad, crazy scientist who wanted to change the health of everyone in the world, and two people who had been doing Direct Marketing/Network Marketing for years, made it to the top in every company they joined, and then retired. After retiring, they just couldn’t stay away from this opportunity to start up again. Signing up with them was the best choice I could ever make, and the income is fantastic. I’m a slow and steady girl, I’m not a powerhouse, rock star with Network Marketing. My main focus is on my blog, but I’m always sharing how I lost weight, and the difference in my health, and that leads to a lot of amazing people becoming clients, and even joining the team.

SLOWLY, it’s going to provide me with the residual income to help me sock away money for when I retire, and even after I “retire.” Although, I can’t ever imagine “retiring” from writing…….but you know what I mean. Many people out there are working a 9 to 5, and don’t want to work until they are 150 years old. A little extra income, and in some cases doing so well, they get to leave their 9 to 5 jobs, and just work their Network Marketing business. It happens for MANY people, and the amount of young people right out of high school starting in this business is breathtakingly beautiful! I wish this company was around when I was 18…..I would have never had such huge medical and health issues, plus I’d be without a worry in the world about money!

Once you make your business, do the legwork and truly put the time in, you will have an amazing residual income when you’re ready to leave the corporate world…….and travel with your mate, or travel alone. Whatever blows your hair back. Just FIND ways to bring in as much residual income as you can, sock it away, and pretend it doesn’t exist. Totally different bank account, just goes in, you never touch it, and just let it build……and if you’re great with investments, go make more money with your “residual” money.



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