Review: Nature’s Sleep Slippers

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Nature’s Sleep was gracious enough to provide me with a pair of slippers. Not just any slippers, but Nature’s Sleep Memory Foam slippers. Keep the applause short and sweet, or you’ll never get through my review!

Nature's Sleep Slippers in Mocha

Memory foam slippers? Nature’s Sleep Slippers in Mocha: the good and the not so good

I didn’t know memory foam slippers existed. Now I’m never wearing anything but memory foam slippers!

Nature's Sleep - SoulThe Good

  • Choices. You get a few choices to pick from: CLOSED Toe Terry Slippers with Memory Foam; or Open Toe Terry Slippers with Memory Foam. *I got the open toe valued at $25.00.
  • Colors. The closed two option has three colors to choose from: Pale Blue, Pink, and Sand. The Open Toe Terry option has three colors to choose from: Lavender, Pale Blue, and Mocha. *You all know I love blue and brown, I went for the mocha. Should have gone with pale blue.
  • Comfort: Definitely like the open toe, it lets my foot breathe. I don’t get all sweaty in the slipper.
  • It’s definitely soft, I like how soft the outside and inside are. I’m not sure I’d spend $25 for these slippers.
  • Memory foam is good, it’s comfy at the front of the slipper. Kind of lacking in the back of the slipper, near your heel.
  • Love the soul of the slipper. Great quality, might be the only reason I’d pay so much for the slippers. These will hold up for sure. And you can totally walk outside in them.
  • Unisex. I love that they have the same design for men and women, because really, it’s a slipper folks. And they recommend, if you’re ordering for a woman, to make sure you get a size smaller than you’re shoe size.

The Not-So-Good

  • The tag. They place the tag for the slippers in the dumbest spot. And it isn’t easy to remove, either. It should be SEWN into the top part of the slipper. It’s like having a shirt with the tag sticking out, but it’s on your foot.
  • Price. Honestly, the slippers aren’t something I’d spend $30, or $25, on. Perhaps if the slippers had more memory foam, I’d say it was worth the money.


Nature's Sleep - INSIDE TAG

The Verdict

I’m not sure I’d spend this much for a slipper, it seems like a lot. However, the quality of the soul is fantastic, and if it just had a bit more of the memory foam in the back for your heel, it would be a fantastic slipper to own. I l ove the color options, but I wish they had all the colors available for BOTH styles. If you like blue, you’re in luck, it comes in both. But if you like a light color, like Sand, you aren’t getting that in your open toe. And if you’re into Lavendar, you have to get the open toed ones, because the closed toe ones only have Pink as an option for the more feminine choice.


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