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Disclosure: I received Pigabyte, our cute little PINK pig friend at the Time to Play Spring Showcase. The lovely Wicked Cool Toys was lovely enough to offer me one, as I have both Android and iOS tablets to experience the Scanimalz App (which is free on both Android and Apple.) My opinions, and the opinions of my Sunflowers are OUR OPINIONS. And we’ve got lots of opinions to share!

Scanimalz Scan them All

Summer’s approaching at lightning speed. It feels that way around here. We went from needing to put our heat on to blasting the central air conditioning in a matter of two days. TWO DAYS. So yes, for us on Long Island, it feels like we’re heading for Summer at warp speed. The sweltering heat makes it a little hard to be out during the peak heat times. It’s not a good time when both kids are always hot, even when the temperature is freezing cold, it’s windy, and there’s 50 feet of snow outside. You can imagine when it’s 90+ degrees out with my two…….NOT PRETTY.

It leads me to have to find new, and fun, ways to keep the kids entertained during the hottest parts of the day. At least right now, they’re in school, and I don’t have to listen to them whining about how hot they are, or that they’re sticking to everything, or they need to drink something……the teachers are still stuck listening to that fun rhetoric. However, as stated above, Summer’s coming faster than I planned……..so it’s up to me to keep these whiners quiet!

How does one mother accomplish such a fete? One word: Scanimalz™. Plush toys with little QR codes on their bellies, coupled with an iPad, or Kindle Fire HD, and you’ve got yourself a good time! Score a plush toy for $9.99 on their website, download the free app on either your Kindle Fire HD, or iPad, or any other Android, or iOS operated tablet/phone, then scan the code on the tag it comes with, and you’re all set. The kids can play for hours……giving peace and quiet to all those in the home!

Scanimalz Pigabyte

Little Miss had an easy time finding the app, and installing it. It walked her through the entire process. Once the code was scanned from the tag on the plush toy (there are 8 to choose from at this time, but more are coming,) both kids had four different games to choose from, and they hit up each game. Before you ask……yes, there was fighting. No one wanted to give up the iPad, and Pigabyte. It was resolved quickly, because I remembered I could download the app onto their Kindles. I did, but I’m realizing they’ll each need a plush of their own. Totally worth the $9.99 investment. Hell, I’m thinking of allowing each of them to choose one for themselves off the website, and I’ll keep Pigabyte..or I’ll get a Panda, and Little Miss can keep the pig! I love me some Panda.

Pigabyte is a big hit

Each game has levels, and as your child wins, they can scan their plush toy’s belly to earn extra SCANTZ (points.) It’s completely interactive, and the kids have kind of taken over my iPad. I probably should have just installed it on their Kindles so I wouldn’t have to give up my iPad yet again. I really have to start thinking this stuff through before I do it.

Here’s to TWO THUMBS up for Scanimalz™. The Boy is sleeping with Pigabyte one night, Little Miss the next night. I may be stuck buying another pink pig anyway, just so they both have the same one and LEAVE ME ALONE with my Panda. Yes, I like the games. The one where the scanimal has to catch ants in its pants is really cute. Totally keeps me entertained.

Is that sad?


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