Riders by Lee premium stretch denim in the Modern Collection

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Riders by Lee Premium Stretch Denim Collection

I live in jeans. When I find jeans that I’m comfortable enough to lounge around the house in, and fall asleep in, I buy multiple pairs of said jeans. Listen, jeans don’t last forever. Things can happen…..jeans can be accidentally bleached, or torn when a certain person fell going up some stairs. I’m not saying any of these particular scenarios happened to me, I’m just stating that it can happen. If you’re buying jeans, get more than one pair of your favorite ones – just in case. When I got myself into a pair of Riders by Lee premium stretch denim in the Modern Collection – I went and got another pair, just because “things happen.”

Priceless: Riders by Lee jeans from the Modern Collection

Brand new fit. New fabrics. Modern new finishes. MODERN COLLECTION.

It’s always a pleasure to find a great pair of jeans, but to find them at an amazing price of $19.94 at Walmart is icing on the cake. Which I don’t really eat, because it’s just too sweet for me. Unless they ice it with whipped cream….but that’s for another time, and place. Let’s talk jeans, shall we?!!

The stretch denim makes the jeans fit like a comfy, luxurious glove. Seriously. If just feels like you’re wearing nothing. So soft. I actually did fall asleep in them on the coach. Then, headed to bed. Curled right up in bed, too lazy to change. PERFECTION.

The best parts

My pair of choice: skinny jeans in the dark denim color. However, there are other colors, and styles. All women are different, and Riders by Lee has jeans for every fashion taste out there. Riders has your height covered: petite, tall, medium heights.

The not best parts

What Riders by Lee doesn’t have covered? Sizing. Riders by Lee doesn’t come any smaller than a six.

If you’re a size 4, which I can be depending on the time of the month, and honestly the time of the year (I’m always just a little heavier in the winter months – but keep that between you and me,) the size 6 fits well. If you’ve got no butt, the jeans will sag a bit in the butt area. I won’t lie. My solution? Throw a big old sweater over the problem, and enjoy the jeans!

In all seriousness, the jeans are cut a little smaller, so someone who normally wears a 4, will fit in the 6. It is what it is, and for the comfort, and price – I deal with the saggy backside. I’m looking into having the jeans tweaked by my tailor, because they are so dang comfortable, it’s totally worth it!

Great price, quality jeans

I’m all about finding a great quality for a great price, and Riders by Lee fit the bill. To keep them looking great, I’d recommend washing them in cold water every fourth time you wear them. I mean, unless you spill something on them. Of course, if that happens, totally wash them after wearing. Always turn the jeans inside out, and never put them in the dryer. Hang them when they’re done washing. If you really want to keep your jeans for a long time, don’t wash them at all. Soak them in a tub in cold water, with a little bit of baking soda. It’ll get them freshened, and won’t cause them to wear out. Oh, and spot clean them with natural soap and a sponge if they get dirty.

Riders by Lee jeans get a two thumbs up, and perhaps a little fist pump in the air ala Judd Nelson in The Breakfast Club.



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