Saving time and money in the kitchen

Preparing your meals at home actually doesn’t take much longer than heading out to your favorite drive through or carry-out place, or waiting for a delivery order. Plus, your meals at home will be significantly less expensive than eating out, helping keep your household’s budget under control. Consider investing in some helpful kitchen tools that will more than pay for themselves by saving you time and money going forward.

Saving time and money in the kitchen

It’s time to save money as well as time in the kitchen

Smart Dishwashers

Cleaning up is one of the tasks home cooks dread most, but it’s easy with today’s smart dishwashers. These use new technology that detects how soiled the dishes are and automatically selects the right wash cycle for them. Plus, you definitely don’t need to pre-rinse dishes with a new dishwasher, which means loading and unloading takes just a few minutes.


Today’s fridges are bigger and more efficient than ever, making it easy for you to buy all the food your household needs for meal preparation at home. With easy access to food through storage in the door of the fridge, well-designed drawers, and adjustable shelves, you can have all of your family’s favorites on hand. Don’t forget about the ice maker and filtered water dispenser that makes it easy to get cold, delicious water so you don’t have to buy bottled water and waste fridge space on it.


This may not seem like the best use of space in your kitchen on first thought, but large standalone freezers can actually make your weekly meal preparation much simpler. Take a couple of hours on the weekend to prepare the ingredients for the meals you’ve planned, then freeze them until you need them. You can even make several casseroles at once and freeze them for easy dinners on those busy nights.

KitchenAid Mixer

This kitchen workhorse does a lot more than mixing cookie dough and cake batter. It’s also perfect for preparing fluffy mashed potatoes, whipping cream for delicious desserts, and kneading bread dough. Plus, you can get tons of handy attachments, like a food grinder, pasta roller, shredder, and slicer, to allow this one countertop appliance to do the work of many other kitchen tools.


Your morning coffee run won’t need to happen anymore if you get yourself a Keurig. This handy little appliance makes it incredibly easy to prepare high-quality hot beverages right at home. You can choose from hundreds of varieties of drink pods, and the machine brews them right into your mug for easy portability and cleanup.

Slow Cooker

When you don’t have much time for dinner prep after work or other activities, a slow cooker can be your hero. All you have to do is toss the ingredients into the crock in the morning and turn it on, and you’ll have dinner waiting for you when you get home. Plus, slow cooking inexpensive cuts of meat tenderizes them so you can save money on your grocery bills.

If your kitchen looks like a college student lives there, it’s time to revamp it with the tools that help you prepare more food at home. Not having enough time isn’t an excuse when there are so many large and small appliances that make your job easier. Your bank account will thank you, and so will your taste buds!

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